Was Liza Soberano the inspiration behind Sydney sushi bar mural?

IMAGE @markednicdao on Instagram (left) / @lizquensystem on Twitter (right)

ABS-CBN actress Liza Soberano is said to be the inspiration behind the mural at Shinzo Sushi Bar in Sydney, Australia.

It's definitely no surprise how ABS-CBN actress Liza Soberano has actually become the muse or inspiration of artists here in the Philippines and around the world.

Twitter user @lizquensystem claims that the Kapamilya star's gorgeous face was painted into a wall mural inside a sushi restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

The said restaurant is called Shinzo Sushi Bar, located at Wetherill Park.

In a series of tweets last November 25, @lizquensystem narrated the uncanny discovery.

The LizQuen fan went to the restaurant to eat with some friends when they noticed the mural on the wall and its striking resemblance to the Kapamilya actress.

The Twitter user wrote, "I was just having lunch at a sushi restaurant kanina and saw @lizasoberano painted on the wall?!? (this is in Sydney btw) how cool is that?! ???? the level of detail!!!!"

@lizquensystem further tweeted that they asked the restaurant's staff members if they knew who the person is on their wall, but they weren't aware of the name behind the beautiful face.

The tweet reads, "I asked one of the workers if she knew who was painted on the wall pero she said she wasn’t aware ???? but what are the odds of me casually seeing Liza’s mural at a sushi restaurant!? grabe international talaga ganda mo jusko! ????"

The mural definitely looked identical to Liza's close-up shot taken by Mark Nicdao.

Happy Birthday Liza!

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Here are some more photos from the restaurant.

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