Time to say "goodbye, smelly feet!"

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The secret to good-smelling feet is adding a few steps to your shower routine.

To you, it may be a harmless hygiene concern. Hindi naman kasi maaamoy unless magtanggal ng sapatos.

But did you know that having smelly feet is a medical condition called Bromodosis?

It is usually caused by a buildup of sweat, which, in turn, causes bacteria growth on the skin.

These bacteria are responsible for the bad odor, and they do not go away overnight.

What you need is a daily TLC for your feet. After all, they deserve it after a tiring day.

Some go to a foot spa. But if you want a cheaper routine everyday, these steps involve products that less than PHP100.

1. Before wearing your shoes, make sure your feet, specifically the areas between your toes, are dry.

2. Some foot powder can help absorb the wetness, and control the perspiration.

3. Wear a pair of fresh socks everyday.

4. Just before going to bed, wash your feet with warm water and foot scrub.

5. Wipe your feet with a clean towel, then rub it with foot lotion...

...or petroleum jelly will do. This step is not just for the odor, but for the texture of your feet.

Celebrities who have tried it swear it makes their feet smoother.

6. Do not forget to wear socks after drying your feet.

Once a week, find time for a foot soak. Nothing beats salt, but some prefer vinegar.

Once a month, clean or change the insoles of your shoes. All the TLC will go for naught if your shoes are wet or dirty.

Ready to say goodbye to smelly feet?





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