Korina Sanchez answers the burning question: Why does she look different?

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Korina Sanchez goes into detail about how she achieved her major transformation.

Korina Sanchez's new look was not achieved overnight.

Aside from the beauty treatments, the "change" also involved a lot of hard work.

In an Instagram post Monday night, January 22, the 53-year-old broadcast journalist said it was beyond the "three-step process," referring to her non-invasive treatments Thermage, short protein threads, and Belo Vita.  

She underlined that, way before her makeover, she had “dieted and stayed disciplined about how and what I eat.”

She says that in her entire life, she has never been as active as she is now.

With her healthier lifestyle alone, she lost 15 pounds. 

The wife of former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas wrote in her caption: "My husband and I took up an advanced deep sea diving course, we walked a LOT, we climbed mountains (literally). I do weights."

For her tan, “I stayed under the sun a lot by choice because I like having color.”

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Korina Sanchez has jaws dropping with beauty transformation
Korina Sanchez has jaws dropping with beauty transformation
It costs this much to achieve Korina Sanchez's new look
It costs this much to achieve Korina Sanchez's new look

Her social-media followers would know that her serious efforts to lose weight started in 2015.

But in the course of this, she experienced setbacks. The skin on her face, for instance, started sagging. 

This was when she turned to the Belo Medical Clinic for the needed assistance. 

“[M]y face was starting to tumble down, Belo saved me from the 'fall,' haha! And more!

“It improved my skin overall by FAR! Made my face much smaller.”

Korina laid out the story behind her amazing transformation.

“Why do I look so 'different'? Well, kasi I got thinner, I got darker, I curled my hair which I never did before, and I’ve also never shown as much skin as I did so publicly in the board [billboard]."


She quipped, “Alam niyo na, a newscaster is always in corporate attire, balot na balot, haha!

“So, I guess you can say the change was ALL OVER. I think this is what makes the ‘change’ dramatic.”





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