Agot Isidro recounts transformation from kid with an-an to crush ng bayan

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Agot Isidro: "Feeling ko noon, if anyone should undergo procedure, ako yun. Pero, no, namayagpag ako, 'Gaganda ako!' Nangyari din naman."

Believe it or not, the lovely Agot Isidro went through a phase when she felt ugly.

In an interview after her shoot for PEP FB Live at Summit Media studio in Mandaluyong City, on Thursday, January 25, she laughingly recounted, “Ay, 'Day! Ang pangit ko nung bata!

"Maitim na mukha akong bumbay na yagit.

“Ang itim ko kasi swimming ako nang swimming.

“Hindi lang 'yan, ha? Maitim na may an-an.”

An-an refers to tinea versicolor, a fungal infection causing white, pink, red, or brown patches on the skin.

In the middle of the interview, Agot brought out her mobile phone to show a childhood photo together with her siblings.

“Tingnan mo yung mga kapatid ko, ang puputi!

"Alam mo, to the point na may mga nagsasabi, ‘Oh, ang cute ng mga anak mo.’

"Pagdating sa akin, ‘Sino siya?'"

According to Agot, her an-an eventually disappeared but she remained insecure throughout her teen years.

“Nung high school, may crush ako, ’tapos hindi ako pinapansin.

“Kaya feeling ko noon, if anyone should undergo procedure, ako yun.

“Pero, no, namayagpag ako, ‘Gaganda ako! At hindi ko kayo papansinin.’

“Nangyari din naman.”

LATE BLOOMER. Despite her insecurities, she had a boyfriend in college, at the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

But it wasn’t until her schooling years in the U.S. that she blossomed into a confident woman.

She related, “Nagkadyowa ako nung college, pero yung feeling na parang maganda ako, sa America yun.

“Nakaganda ang hangin, ’tapos yung independence…

“Kasi marami rin namang iba-ibang klaseng tao, feeling ko, na-accept ang beauty ko.


"'Tapos, siguro yung confidence na-develop.”

Agot graduated from U.P. with a degree in Interior Design. She then took up Fashion Buying and Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she graduated magna cum laude.

INNER BEAUTY. Agot pointed out that her transformation as a student in New York was not so much in the physical aspect but in her development as a person.

She said, “Wala rin akong pera nung nasa New York ako, e, aral lang naman talaga.

“Feeling ko lang talaga dahil wala akong kakilala, ’tapos I made friends on my own, na-accept ako.

“Nag-enjoy ako. May feeling na, ‘If I can make it there in New York, I can make it anywhere.’

“So, totoo pala siya, nakaka-boost ng confidence.

“It’s no so much the looks, but what’s inside.”

In the 90s, Agot joined showbiz and was given the moniker "Crush ng Bayan."

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