Do you need a complex routine to have beautiful skin?

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Hey, you don't need to spend so much time and money on your beauty routine.

The phrase “less is better” also applies to our beauty routine.

Aside from saving time, we also save money.

Some have mabusisi skin-care seremonyas before going to sleep.

The Korean ten-step routine is all the rage these days, but is it worth it?

Dr. Liz Clarus-Mangondaya, a dermatologist, says maybe not. 

“The quality of products you use are more important than the quantity,” she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Happy New You event of Watsons.

“To those who have eight-to-ten-step regimen?

“That’s too time-consuming.

“You get home from work, you want to be with your children, you want to sleep na, and then you have to do that pa.”

She continued, “As a doctor, I don’t want my patient to spend more with just the same effects of same products.

“No offense to others, but for me, the lesser the products, the more effective they are. And the less expensive they are, then go for it.”

The beauty doctor mentioned the value of all-in-one products, because these give you greater value for your money.

“Nasa single tube sila, but they are multipurpose.

“Example, sa gabi, why use separate products for moisturizer, pore minimizer, and whitening if there’s one product that can do all that?"

The one on the left is a cleanser that whitens and exfoliates the skin and minimizes pores, too. Price: PHP161.75

The one on the right is a toner that whitens and minimizes pores. Price: PHP189

She continued, “Another example, sunblock.

“These days, there are brands that function as sunblock and BB or CC cream.

“Let us take advantage of these innovations.”

This tube is a CC cream with SPF 15 which can also minimize pores. Price: PHP499

When asked about the important steps in every lady’s beauty routine, the dermatologist answered, “Take a bath, put lotion, then sunblock in the morning.


“Then cleanse, tone, moisturize at night.

“Siguro if may idadagdag pa, eye cream. But your moisturizer can be anti-ageing, too.”

Eye roll on is currently out of stock. PHP199

The facial creams moisturizes and tightens the skin. Price: PHP549

The doctors says, in effect, that the most important step in any beauty routine is the part when you choose the products.

When you find a product that suits you, stick to it.

Dr. Liz Clarus-Mangondaya said, “That will take a few trips to Watsons. Try these products first, then find out which ones are hiyang or effective.”





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