Solenn Heussaff spills why she never liked being called an "It Girl"

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Solenn Heussaff has dipped her toes in the salon business as she is now co-owner of The Bloc at Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. talked to Solenn when she hosted the official launch of Samsung galaxy S9 and S9+ with Georgina Wilson (not in photo) at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bonifacio Global City on March 9.

Solenn Heussaff was never really fond of being called an "It Girl."

The 32-year-old star, along with her stylish and multi-faceted celebrity BFFs—Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza, Liz Uy, and Anne Curtis, among many others—have been dubbed as the country's It Girls in the past few years.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press, Solenn seemed to have accepted the tag now that "It Girl" has a different meaning in the country, rather than being a socialite who has achieved celebrity status in spite of having no real personal achievements.

The country's "It Girls" are definitely way above this notion, and are all excelling in their respective careers or passions whether in fashion, business, or showbiz.

Solenn further explained, "Well, for me I never really liked the title 'It Girl', because I don't think I have the 'It' [factor].

"For me, it's just like whatever you want to do and you're doing it and that's fine.

"I guess what they mean by 'It Girl' is may be someone that's doing [things in] many different fields."

The Kapuso actress is just grateful to have social media helping her with everything she pursues.

She added, "I'm lucky to have that position where I can try different things and also thanks to social media, I get to do all these things.

"Let's say if I want to launch the wine thing which is a short-term business, I know people will purchase it.

"If I launch something else, I know people will support.


"Also because, at the end of the thing that I showcase, every thing that I launch, every thing that I endorse are really products that I believe in.

"Long [gone] are the days when they used to get a face for a certain product.

"Now the brand ambassador needs to know details about [it], he needs to be able to share the experiences as well."

Solenn and Georgina hosted the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bonifacio Global City on March 9.

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THE BLOC. Aside from her showbiz commitments, one thing that keeps Solenn busy is her new salon business called The Bloc which opened last February.

Solenn teamed up with hair and make-up artist Junie Sierra and other entrepreneurs for this new business venture.

The Kapuso actress noted, "I'm part-owner, 'cause there's a few [owners]. It's called The Bloc, it's in Serendra."

When asked what inspired her to pursue this business, Solenn explained, "It's basically Junie Sierra who started this... and it's where the old Mango [clothing store] used to be.

"It's a very comfortable salon and people know that, of course, I need to take care of my hair, it's our crowning glory.

"And of course, we all need to love it, but I'm not the type that likes to sit down on the salon.

"I like to do things at home or do things on my own."

She continued, "For this salon, I decided... I said, 'Okay, if I'm gonna have to sit for hours in a salon and do my hair and do treatments, I need something comfortable.'"


Solenn further said that her background in make-up inspired her to invest on this business.

The actress/make-up artist/painter added that she might hold make-up tutorial sessions at the salon in the future.

"I studied fashion first and then make-up, and I've always wanted to have my own salon and my own make-up line in the future.

"As of the moment, I have a lot of things going on... I tend to like, jump from one thing to another so I kinda need to focus a little right now.

"But I do plan, in the future, let's say if I have a family, I have a few months off of work, and that's the moment where I will be able to go to the salon and teach make-up.

"Or be able to actually make people happy and do their face, something like that, like a little makeover."

Solenn is proud to say that their salon has a lot to offer, and clients will feel very comfortable while they're getting their hair done.

"If you enter, there's a lot of fun places to have your OOTDs—I hand-painted an entire wall in the salon—and have wine and beer and just relax."

OWN MAKE-UP LINE. Will Solenn also pursue having her own make-up line in the future?

Solenn answered, "Well, I do love make-up and in the future, I do feel like I will probably end up in that field whether it's me having my own brand, or helping with the workshops or make-up tutorials, which I have been planning since we recently launched a salon.


"As of now, it's not really in the plans yet but it's something, I have been thinking about for the last three years.

"I believe in perfect timing and for now, I need to focus on other things at the moment."





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