Posing guide for ladies who feel self-conscious in bikini

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Maja Salvador's recent destination for her MSescapade is the Maldives.

Are you the type who feels awkward when posing in bikini?

While some are so used to it, and do it effortlessly; others are simply nahihiya, and end up posting photos of themselves, nakatapis, at the beach.

Sayang naman ang view.

Check out Maja Salvador's photos in Maldives.

Though she has a bikini-ready bod, the Kapamilya actress came up with poses that are dazzling, yet, not too daring.

"Sariling sikap"

If you're traveling in solo, don't forget to take a mirror selfie.

Aside from seeing how you look, you can do test shots to find your best angles.

Back shot

You can lift your skirt, put your hand on waist, and just be your self.

Nobody can see your facial expression anyway.

Lie on your stomach

This pose instantly hides the midsection part that a lot of girls are so diyahe to show.

Hand or arm on tummy

There are many ways to cover your tiyan or puson without looking too obvious.

You can use an extra prop such as a bag or hat or scarf.

Malayo shot

Stomach in, chest out, cross your legs, and make the beach your runway and your backdrop.

Quarter-body selfie

Yup, just include your bikini top, neck, and face in the frame.

And please get a good lighting.

From below shot

Ladies normally raise their hand or selfie stick when taking photos because they appear younger, smaller, and thinner.

But if you're shy about flaunting your body, take the shot from below.

Tilting your head a bit can help hide the double chin.

Go give your love to your soul. ????????? #MSescapade

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Lastly, smile and have fun.

Someday, you can always repost those beach photos as a throwback, and make the moments matter.





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