Wilma Doesnt reminds us that beauty is about confidence

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Wilma Doesnt recalls how her early years in showbiz taught her the importance of family: "Lagi nilang sinasabi, 'O, huwag kang magbabago, a!' Just believe in yourself. Trust in yourself."

Wilma Doesnt didn’t have an easy start in showbiz.

The model-comedienne began her career in the '90s, an era when people’s perception of beauty was limited to the fair-skinned Filipinas with long and straight black hair.

Wilma had neither of those two physical characteristics, which ultimately gave her doubts.

“Hindi nga ako naniwala na maganda ako, e,” Wilma told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after Avon Fashion’s Intimate Apparel’s event at the Manila House Private Club last April 24.

“So parang kapag may nagsabi sa akin, ‘Oh, you’re beautiful,’ parang, ‘Thank you…totoo kaya ‘yon?’”

But then, Lucy Torres, one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, took her aside and made her think otherwise.

Wilma continued, “I believe Lucy Torres told me that, ‘You know what, Wilma, the problem is you don’t know that you are beautiful.’

“And that’s it!

“I have to believe in myself.”

Her personal mantra?

“Hindi naman ako nade-define what other say about me or even kung anong sabi ng social media na dapat ganito.

“Hindi ako gano’n, e.

“I have my own identity, my own personality.

“I believe in myself.

“I trust myself.”



GAINING SELF-CONFIDENCE. Wilma worked extra hard to achieve the things she did throughout her career, especially in the beginning where she had to prove her spot in the industry.

She made her family one of her anchors throughout the hardships she experienced.

The model-actress told PEP.ph, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in the first place. So yung support ng family namin [helped].

“Yung pamilya namin, masaya lang kami. So regardless kung anong mangyari, we’re all together.

“We have each other’s back.

“So, I think ‘yon iyong nakatulong sa akin because they are pushing me na, ‘O, huwag ka maniwala sa kanila. Ang ganda-ganda mo, e!’

“Kung sinabi ng lola ko maganda ako, okay na ako do’n.

“Isang tao lang, okay na ako.”

Wilma also revealed what helped her make her mark in the business.

“I think that makes me different from others, because of the values that I’ve learned from my family…

“Hindi ako masyadong naapektuhan.

“Basta may support system ka. Basta you have someone beside you, behind you, na regardless kahit anong mangyaring fall.

“Kasi madapa ka, kahit pangit nangyari sa iyo—you know that when you go home, meron kang person that believes in you and trusts in you and push you harder.

“Lagi nilang sinasabi, ‘O, huwag kang magbabago, a!’

“Just believe in yourself.

“Trust in yourself.

“Trust your instincts, trust your guts.

“That’s what’s important in this kind of business.”






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