These celebrity moms who wow in swimsuits are our summer fitspirations!

Celebrity moms Beauty Gonzalez, 26, Jennylyn Mercado, 31, and Jackie Lou Blanco, 54, in swimsuits prove that it's possible to wow at any age.

These days, a lot of celebrity moms who have just given birth can go back to wearing swimsuits after only a few months.

The usual reaction is, "Parang hindi nanganak."

Some stars were lucky to have tummies that shrink right away.

Some had to go through strict diet and regular exercise, while others got some help from their go-to beauty clinics.

Some are still a "work in progress."

But regardless of how they achieved their pre-pregnancy bod again, all of them believe that motherhood should not be made an excuse to be losyang.

As Marian Rivera and Jennylyn Mercado put it, "Bawal pabayaan ang sarili."

Here are their va-va-voom Instagram posts earning "Nasaan ang hustisya" comments from their followers.

Michelle Madrigal, mother of six-month-old Anika

Maricar de Mesa, mother of nine-month-old Sky

Toni Gonzaga, mother of one-year-old Seve

Rufa Mae Quinto, mother of one-year-old Alexa

Georgina Wilson, mother of one-year-old Archie


Bianca Gonzalez, mother of two-year-old Lucia

Marian Rivera, mother of two-year-old girl Zia

Beauty Gonzalez, mother of two-year-old Olivia

Kelly Misa, mother of two-year-old Tristan Antonio

Cristine Reyes, mother of three-year-old Amarah

Ciara Sotto, mother of three-year-old Crixus

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Ara Mina, mother of three-year-old Amanda

Andi Manzano, mother of three-year-old Olivia

Andie Eigenmann, mother of six-year-old Ellie

Maggie Wilson, mother of six-year-old Connor

Denise Laurel, mom of six-year-old Alejandro

Jennylyn Mercado, mother of nine-year-old Jazz

Vina Morales, mother of nine-year-old Ceana

Jodi Sta. Maria, mother of 12-year-old Thirdy

Lucy Torres, mother of 17-year-old Juliana

Gretchen Barretto, mother of 23-year-old Dominique

Camille Prats, mother of two—Nathan, 10, and seven-month-old Nala Camilla

Giselle Sanchez, mother of two—Lia, 14, and Xavier Zappa, 8

Karel Marquez, mother of two—Kylie, 9, and Kyler, 8

Danica Sotto-Pingris, mother of two—Jean-Michele, 9, and Caela, 6

Diana Zubiri, mother of two—Joaquin, 8; Aliyah, 1

Patricia Javier, mother of two boys—Robert IV, 12, and Ryan James, 8


Aubrey Miles, mother of two boys—John Maurie, 16, and Hunter, 9

Geneva Cruz, mother of two—Heaven, 22, and London, 4

Cheska Garcia-Kramer, mother of three—Kendra, 8, Scarlett, 6, and Gavin, 5

Jackie Lou Blanco, mother of three—Ken, Rikki, and Ara

Sunshine Cruz, mother of three girls—Angeline Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Francheska

Almira Muhlach, mother of three girls—Yssa, Illa, 21, and Inna, 19

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Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, mother of four—Sabina, 21; Lorenzo, 20; Nicolas, 18; and Alfonso, 13

Ina Raymundo-Poturnak, mother of five kids—Erika, 15; Jakob, 10; Mikaela, 9; Annika, 7; and Minka, 4

Christine Jacob-Sandejas, mother of five kids—Paolo, 18; Gabby, 17; Nina, 15; Luis, 12; and Rafael, 9

Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, mother of five—Ella, 21, Donnie, 20, Hannah, 18, Benjamin, 16, and Solana, 6


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