Gabbi Garcia recalls fangirl moment with Gigi Hadid


Gabbi Garcia represents the Filipina beauty in a recent event of a make-up brand in London. She also scored a selfie with international supermodel Gigi Hadid at another Maybelline event in Tokyo, Japan, last January.

Gabbi Garcia opened her 2018 with a bang when she scored a selfie with supermodel Gigi Hadid at an event of a global makeup brand last January in Tokyo, Japan.

Not only that, Gabbi got to engage the international model for a small talk after taking a selfie.

“I told her to visit the Philippines very, very soon, and she really admires Filipina beauty.

"So, it’s really good. I hope I can see her again very soon!”

Gabbi told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “It was an event wherein there were girls from different countries.

"Artistas and bloggers who were gathered in one place, one event to meet Gigi… we had fun and, of course, Gigi is so accommodating.

“She makes sure that everyone has photos.

“Everybody takes a photo with her, she’s just so nice.

"She’s just so bubbly! We weren’t intimidated at all.”


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The Kapuso actress chatted with and another reporter last May 10, at the SM Beauty Playground event in SM Makati.

Gabbi recounted, “It was a vlogger and beauty personality event wherein I got to mingle with beauty vloggers from Europe, U.S.

“We’re three from Asia—China, [the] Philippines, and Korea.

“So, I was the only Filipina, and it was such a pleasure to represent Filipina beauty abroad.

“It’s nice to raise up your morena flag in London..."

HER OWN MAKEUP LINE? Gabbi talked about the possibility of creating her own makeup collection and exploring different shades of lipsticks.

She said, “Of course, who wouldn’t want to, right? I’m really a fan of makeup, so sana soon!

“I love lipsticks. I’m really fond of putting on lipsticks.

“I like exploring colors when it comes to lipstick shades, so I hope very soon.”





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