Beauty queen Laura Lehmann reveals an insane trick to get pageant-ready hair


Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann takes on hosting duties at the launch of Wetbrush Pro-Epic Professional, the hairstylists' preferred hairstyling product, at Bench Fix Salon's flagship store in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig last May 28.

Laura Lehmann used to be completely clueless about hair care until she won the title of Miss World Philippines 2017 back in September 2017.

But going into the world of pageantry, she realized the importance of getting her hair treated.

“Well, you know, I think when you’re always having your hair done in pageants and stuff like that, it’s unavoidable that your hair gets damaged,” Laura told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a quick one-on-one chat after the Wetbrush Pro-Epic hairbrush launch at the Bench Fix Salon flagship store in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig.

Laura continued, “It’s really just about being mindful that your hair is damaged—accepting the fact that your hair is damaged and having it treated.

“Get it treated, do the treatments that you need, let your hair down out of a pony when you’re at the house, and stuff like that.”

But as a beauty queen, Laura also learned firsthand that having dry hair, as opposed to soft and healthy locks, has its advantages.

Why so?

Because the drier the hair, the easier it would be to get it styled.

“When you’re in the pageant world, you’re on stage.

“So you’re being looked at from a far and because of that, you need everything bigger.

“You need everything with volume…

“In pageants, in a way, the drier, the better [because the volume of the hair] has to stay.

“It has to stay even though you are sweaty on stage and you’re nervous.

“Your hair has to not move and be perfect.”

Back when she competed for the Miss World Philippines 2017 title, Laura met a fellow candidate who actually washed her hair with laundry detergent to make her hair extra dry.

“She washed her hair in Tide! I know, it’s weird, right before the pageant.


“I asked her why and she says, ‘It dries the hair faster, so that it’s easy to style. So hindi bumagsak iyong curls.’

“Because when your hair is too healthy and sleek, it falls. But when you wash it with Tide, it stays on [longer].

“She does that for all the pageants that she joins.

“It looks really dry.”

PEPsters, will you try this trick to get pageant-worthy hair?





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