Bea Alonzo's new hairdo is the shortest it's ever been!

IMAGE @tingduque / @beaalonzo on Instagram

Bea Alonzo looks back on her "Dora" hairstyle when she was seven years old.

After making us swoon over her Amapulo vacation photos on Instagram, Bea Alonzo reveals she is now sporting a new hairdo!

The Kasal actress teased her new look on her Instagram account saying, “What better way to kickstart an exciting new chapter than by doing something I’ve never done before?

“See me in my shortest haircut to date!”

While Bea has yet to post the full reveal, we get an idea on how short it is from these photos taken at the airport.

The Kasal actress is flying to Vancouver, Canada to shoot for her upcoming movie with Aga Muhlach which will be directed by Paul Soriano.

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Bea herself also gave a hint through her Instagram Stories, showing a throwback photo of her seven-year-old self.

She jokingly called it as the "Dora" hair, referring to the main character in the kiddie cartoon, Dora the Explorer.


Will we see an updated version of this full bangs look? 


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