Bea Alonzo swears by whitening powers of calamansi: "Sobrang effective siya!"

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Bea Alonzo reveals her beauty tricks and secrets from childhood.

Bea Alonzo's beauty secrets cost less than 50 pesos.

During her Amanpulo getaway in early June, she set up her camera and gave a step-by-step beauty tutorial of the tricks she learned from her mom Mary Ann when she was growing up.

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One of the first beauty secrets Bea revealed via her YouTube channel, By Bea, was calamansi, a popular whitening agent found in many Filipino households.

"First of all, kung gusto mo pumuti iyong mga singit mo or mga siko mo, ito iyong secret na ginagawa sa akin ni Mama noon: calamansi," Bea began.

"Sobrang effective siya!

"Ilalagay mo lang sa siko or doon sa areas na gusto mo pumuti, then just leave it on for 30 minutes or more.

"Then rinse it with warm water."



The next kitchen ingredient Bea used was eggs.

Mommy Mary Ann had different beauty purposes for the egg white and the egg yolk.

The egg white, mixed with honey, was often used as a facial mask for Bea.

"Kung medyo madali ka mag-pimples, I suggest gawin mo ito at home," the actress said.

"Ginagawa ito ni Mama dati... As in dati, habang ginagawa ito sa akin ni Mama—siyempre kapag ka na-dry-an siya nagiging tight na siya sa skin."

Bea recalled how she stayed inside their house while the mask dried on her face, and couldn't go outside to play.

"Iyong mga kalaro ko nasa labas sila. As in [nakapatong lang sa kamay] iyong face ko sa window habang tinitignan ko iyong mga cousins ko na naglalaro.

"Sinsabi ko, ‘Sali ako.’

"After nito, mas magiging less oily na skin mo."



And what about the egg yolk?

The egg yolk was used as Bea's homemade hair mask.

Bea said, "Iyong egg yolk kasi has a lot of protein and vitamins that’s good for your hair.

"It really helps. Dati, ginagawa sa akin ito ni Mama."


Check out the rest of Bea's beauty regimen in her new video.

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