Megan Young recalls being teased about 'bulate' figure and 'parang isda' lips as a kid

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Megan Young on owning her physical flaws: "It worked na I didn't listen to what people were saying was negative and I took it as a positive."

Megan Young made pageant history when she became the first Filipina candidate to win the Miss World title.

Even before she was crowned Miss World 2013, the 28-year-old Kapuso star have always been praised for her statuesque beauty, which paved the way for her showbiz career.

Megan was introduced to the entertainment scene via the second season of Starstruck, the Kapuso network's artista search, in 2004.

Since then, she has starred in numerous TV dramas and headlined the Kapuso network's 2007 remake of Marimar.

For all her beauty titles, Megan tends to downplay her physical looks.

"Well I try not... I don’t know, I’ve never really had that mentality na 'Ang ganda-ganda ko' or 'Ang panget-panget ko.'

"Hindi naman necessary na sinasabi kong, ‘Ah, panget naman nito.’ It’s more of, I wish it was more like this or I wish it was more like that."

Although Megan revealed there was a time when her full lips bothered her.

She said, "When I was younger, I used to be super insecure of my lips.

"Kasi nung bata ako, tinutukso ako na parang ang laki daw ng labi ko, na parang, para daw isda.

"’Di ba? When you’re younger and you’re in grade school, kahit na sabihin ng nanay mo na, ‘Napakaganda mo, anak, wag mong pansinin yon.'

"Siyempre para sa sarili mo, ‘Laki ng lips ko,’ and I wanted to have super thin lips, yung parang walang labi. That’s what I wanted."

She also remembered being teased about her weight by her childhood friends.

"I was super thin na parang tingting tapos tinutukso ako na ‘Olive Oyl’ or ‘Ate Bulate’ yung tawag sa ’kin ng mga pinsan ko, kasi mukha daw."

"May mga gano’n. And it really affects you as a child. I was around, mga 11, 12 years old and you know that really affected me when I was younger."


Photo: Noel Orsal /GMA Network

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As she grew older, Megan decided to use her physical flaws to her advantage.

She narrated, "I tried to assess it and say, ‘Okay, so, yeah these are flaws for other people, but how can I make it work?’

"So, it was me finding a solution na parang yung mga flaws ko, ‘How can I make it better?’ ‘How can I make it stand out?’"

Megan added, "It took a lot of energy and it took a lot of, I guess, positive reinforcement, a more positive outlook.

"Kahit na nega yung mga nasa paligid mo, I just had to zone out and really work on myself.

"I didn’t listen to people, which could hurt sometimes.

"But for me it worked na I didn’t listen to what people were saying was negative and I took it as a positive."


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