Heart Evangelista shares tips on preventing wrinkles and eye bags

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Heart Evangelista's simple tip to prevent wrinkles and eye bags: "When I take off my makeup, I don't rub my skin too much. You don't want to loosen your skin."

At 33, GMA-7 actress Heart Evangelista seems to have discovered the fountain of youth.

She has kept her skin glowing and flawless despite the stress of working in the entertainment business.

Heart seems to defy what skin experts are saying all along, that our skin starts losing its resilience once we hit 30.

In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Heart revealed her secret, which is essentially on how you touch your face.

"As much as possible, I don't... It's all about conserving your skin.

"So when I take off my makeup, I don't rub my skin too much. You don't want to loosen your skin."

According to an article posted on Huffingtonpost.com, even simple habits such as rubbing your face especially around the eye area destroys the skin's natural collagen and will "likely result in wrinkles and sagging."

In the same article, Dermatologist Melissa Piliang said, "The more you rub, the more it stretches the skin and breaks down the collagen and elastin, making skin more wrinkly."


PEP.ph had a quick chat with the actress at the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Tuesday, August 14, at the grand ballroom of Marriott Hotel in Resorts World complex, Pasay City.

To help prevent wrinkles and eye bags, Heart said she's "very meticulous when it comes to skin care."

She continued, "I moisturize a lot especially around my eyes and my neck.

"Night cream, day cream, and sunblock are also what I use."

But more than the products she put on her face, keeping a positive state of mind is her secret to looking young.

"I like to be happy, I keep everything positive no matter how I go through.

"I'm very grateful with life and I'm very grateful. So I think, that keeps me young," Heart said.


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