Kaila Estrada shows way to accept physical flaws

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Kaila Estrada on having a big forehead: "I don't really hide it anymore. It's doesn't bother me as much it bothers other people."

Kaila Estrada admitted she was not all that confident when she started her modelling career.

Despite inheriting the good looks of her parents, showbiz luminaries John Estrada and Janice de Belen, she worried about her physical attributes all the same.

In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the 22-year-old model/vlogger opened up about her insecurities and how she learned to embrace them.

Kaila related, "I have a lot, honestly. I have a lot but I feel like, it's natural naman to have some.

"Physically, of course, like my forehead, my hips or something like that."

PEP.ph caught up with Kaila at SM Youth and SM Men's MY Denim fashion show at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City last July 21.

In their line of work, models have to deal with criticisms, especially about their physical appearance.

Kaila shared her experience when her attention was called because of her forehead.


She recalled, "My agent, sa modelling agency told me to wear bangs kasi daw parang my forehead is too big or something and clients won't like it.”

"It worked for a while but then, at the end of the day, when I started not wearing bangs, parang it didn't really affect my career naman.

"So I felt like it was a look that they wanted for me to have for a little while."

After four years of working in the modelling industry, Kaila has learned to make the most of what she perceived as flaws and turned them to her advantage.

The way she explained it, it was her attitude she worked on first.

"It's the way you address your insecurities. If you let it consume you then it'll never get you anywhere.

"But if you embrace it and you're confident about yourself then it'll take you very far."

She added, "Matalino daw tayo, yun yung bright side doon. Claim it!"


Kaila stressed it was not because she felt conscious about her forehead that she sported full bangs for a time.

She explained, "I don't wear bangs to hide it. I want to just look different, if that makes any sense."

Lately, Kaila has been flaunting her forehead, saying, "It doesn't bother me as much it bothers other people."


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