This PHP185 lipstick addresses top lippie concerns

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Presenting the six shades of EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick: (L-R) Dusky Rose, Stark Mauve, Raw Burgundy, Buff Brown, Neutral Mocha, and Exposed Nude

A lot of ladies can't live without lipstick.

A few however do not share the same enthusiasm.  Why?

Because this beauty staple can make lips dry. It sometimes gets clumpy. It smudges on teeth. It fades unevenly.

And while some are obsessed with bold and bright colors, a few are uncomfortable with those.

Local brand EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick's new formulation may be the answer to these lippie problems.

Having tried all its shades—Buff Brown, Dusky Rose, Exposed Nude, Neutral Mocha, Stark Mauve, and Raw Burgundy—this writer had these discoveries:

The colors will look awesome on everyone.

Most reviews raved about the vividness of Raw Burgundy, but the quite subtle Dusky Rose is perfect for daily wear.

Here's how they looked on Max Collins:

Raw Burgundy

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Dusky Rose

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Another thing about their shades, they neither call attention nor intimidate.

But, rest assured, people will notice that you look different—in a good way, of course!


Texture is finer and lighter.

Even without a lip balm or exfoliation, it easily glides on the lips. It does not have an aftertaste, too. And it is not sticky at all.

It's a retractable crayon, so it easily follows the shape of your lips.

After a few hours, don't worry, it will not settle on the cracks of your lips, and will not smudge on your teeth.

If leaving a mark on your glass or cup bothers you, simply blot your lips with paper (not tissue) after applying lipstick, then set it with powder.

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In my case, I had to retouch after four hours because I drink water a lot.

And those times I couldn't reapply, thank God, there wasn't any awkward line on the edges of my lips.

Its price: PHP185 per piece.

But be warned, however, that it's often sold out.


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