Dry shampoo and its multiple benefits to your hair

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Dry Shampoo does not only absorb excess oil on your scalp, it also adds volume and texture to your hair. Tresemme's Instant Dry Shampoo costs PHP499, while the Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo costs PHP299.

Do you have days when your schedule is so hectic that you have no time to wash your hair? Or when you just got a fantastic blowout and want to get more mileage out of it?

Enter dry shampoo, a life-saver for when you are so busy but don't want to look like it.

Dry shampoo helps remove excess oil on your scalp. It comes in powder form, and is usually dispensed in an aerosol can. 

An alternative to liquid shampoo,  it also "gives the hair volume, and leaves the scalp 'feeling refreshed' without wetting the hair," says Lourd Ramos, hair expert and owner of Creations Salon, in a quick chat with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) via Facebook Messenger.

Aside from reducing greasiness, there are other advantages of using dry shampoo.

Lourd says it gives the hair texture for various hair styles like s-curls and beach curls, and gives volume when you blow dry your hair.


Christine Mamalio, hair and makeup artist, recommends dry shampoo for those with very fine hair as this helps hold the shape of a hairstyle, and for those who have bleached or dyed hair. 

She tells this writer via Facebook Messenger, "For people with bleached or dyed hair, I recommend alternating days of washing your hair with liquid shampoo and using dry shampoo in between days to avoid drying up your hair."

To avoid making your hair look flat, she adds, you should apply dry shampoo on the roots of your hair.

Meanwhile, Lourd says most of his clients who use dry shampoo are those who just gave birth, as well as those who just had their hair chemically-treated, like a rebond. 

And while dry shampoo provides volume and texture that's great for styling, Lourd says consistent use of dry shampoo has its cons too.

"Sometimes it's makes hair and scalp sticky specially due to humidity."


For this, Christine offers a tip: "It's important to wash off the dry shampoo after 1-2 days to keep your scalp clean and allow it to breathe."

Here are other helpful tips when using dry shampoo:

1. Spray the shampoo at least six inches away from your scalp to avoid product build up. If you get too much of it, you won't be able to separate it throughout your hair. Divide your hair into sections to ensure you distribute the dry shampoo evenly.

2. Let it sit for a few minutes before styling your hair. This allows the excess oil on your scalp to be absorbed. Don't fret if there is white residue after applying, it should disappear after brushing your hair out.

3. If you put too much product in one spot, try adding a bit of lightweight serum on the area and blow drying your hair.

4. Tinted dry shampoos are now available in the market. Choose one closest to your hair shade. This also solves the white residue problem.


5. Don't use dry shampoo on wet hair. The product only works on dry hair.


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