Andi Eigenmann: "My stretchmarks aren't ugly"

IMAGE @andieigengirl on Instagram

Andi Eigenmann is not a believer and user of filters on social media, and does not mind posting photos that show her flaws.

Andi Eigenmann is now more lean and toned, thanks to surfing!

And being away from her favorite habitat, the beach, is not an excuse for her not to have a swim.

Early today, October 25, she slipped into a lilac two-piece bikini, and flaunted her "new figure."

On Instagram, she wrote, "Sunny weather in the city calls for pool daze."

But a number of her followers noticed her stretchmarks.

One said, "I have that ugly stretch mark in my belly too..."

Proud about her flaws and does not see the need to edit or filter them, Andi said, "My stretchmarks aren't ugly though, because I got them from being pregnant with Ellie. And that is the most beautiful thing."

A fan commented, "I'm only 16 but I have a lot of stretch marks on my body...seeing you, an actress, and someone who's famously expected to be perfect because of social standards, with the same battle scars as me; makes me realize that I shouldn't be ashamed of it. It's now part of my life and it doesn't make me less beautiful."


Agreeing to the comment, the daughter of Jaclyn Jose replied, "Definitely not! Its part of who you are! So we should be proud of it. Nobody’s perfect, and people will always have something to say anyway. Let them be. Every part of our being makes us uniquely US. And what makes us beautiful is when we accept and love ourselves for who we are."

And to those who get body-shamed or bashed on social media and even in real life, remember this advice of Andi: "It gets easier when you realize that other's opinions mean nothing if you just don't let it affect you."


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