Helga Krapf flat-chested and proud of it

IMAGE @krapfhelga on Instagram

Helga Krapf on being flat-chested: "...blessed with some Vavavoom hips so I won't complain, mas madali dayain yung taas kesa yung baba..."

Helga Krapf recently posted a feel-good message for ladies who are flat-chested like her.

Since she weaned her daughter Amelie in April 2018, causing her milk-making cells to shrink, her breasts shrunk, too.

Her post began, "Thank you for all your messages sympathizing with the loss of my two booby friends, specially after my three-year breastfeeding journey...masasabi kong ang daming nakarelate."

But she was least bothered by it, and told ladies and moms with small cup size to look at the bright side.

The 30-year-old mom continued, "Like I said, we can’t have everything, and that’s OKAY. Kahit flat chested tayo, ang importante ay inside of that chest beats a good heart and character and we are surrounded by the people who we love and love us back.

"In my case, I was also lucky to be blessed with some Vavavoom hips so I won’t complain, mas madali dayain yung taas kesa yung baba eh, not to mention mas madali manganak..."


Helga revealed that when she gave birth to her baby girl, it only took "less than 5 min of pushing."

She ended it with hashtags "Girl Boss all the way" and "Flat Chested And Proud."

In the comments section, some moms related their similar experience.

"Ang saya ng post na to! Ako din I lost my boobies. Pero ang dali mag-v neck at plunging neckline, kasi wala naman makikita!"

"Lost my boobies on breastfeeding too! But willing to let go as long as healthy ang kiddo"

"You're an inspiration.. btw.. mine nga are not pantay anymore.. hahaha! Breastfeeding exclusively pa rin.. 2y and 6mos"

According to Helga's blog entry, she stopped breastfeeding because "as much as I wouldn’t mind continuing to nurse her, I decided we both deserve a good night sleep."


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