Here's the best eyebrow style for your face shape

After you discover the most flattering eyebrow style for your face, try this affordable brow liner for kilay on fleek.
Mar 9, 2018
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Your brows frame the rest of your features, so how you draw them has a huge impact on your entire face. When you're in a rush to head out the door, a simple pencil-blush-lipstick combo is enough to complete your look.

However, there's a right way to draw eyebrows, which largely depends on your face shape. Knowing the difference will allow you to draw arches that complement your features. Here's a quick guide:



Your face shape: Square

Go for softly rounded brows to balance the sharp, defined angles of your face.



Your face shape: Oval

Draw straight and angled brows to contrast the curves on the upper and lower areas of your face.


Your face shape: Heart

Soften the pointy chin and sharp jawline of a heart-shaped face by carefully drawing low-rounded, arched brows.


Your face shape: Round

Go for contrast. Draw high arches to offset the roundness of your face.


Your face shape: Rectangular

Draw attention away from the vertical length of your face by drawing slightly curved brows.


Now that you know the eyebrow style that fits your face, the next step is to look for a brow liner that can help you achieve the perfect kilay. Try Careline Best Brow Liner—it's long-lasting, smudge-proof, and easy to apply. And at P160, it's also budget-friendly.

It's easy to hold and control when you make light strokes. It also has a built-in spoolie for blending and an angular tip that lets you draw every arch and line with precision.

Choose from either taupe or brunette shades, and create fuller and perfectly defined eyebrows that fit your face shape and skin tone. Now go make that perfect kilay happen!

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