5 ways to look flawless kahit stressed

It starts with taking care of your skin.
Nov 28, 2018

The holidays are approaching, and you're drowning in the many things to finish at work and at home. To top that off, traffic seems worse than ever, parking spots are a rare find, and booking a car service nearly impossible. Unsurprisingly, stress will take a toll on your skin.

When we’re stressed, our brains send a signal to our bodies to produce stress hormones like cortisol, which make our glands produce more oil—and oily skin is more prone to acne. Stress also accelerates aging, resulting in dullness, irritation, and dehydration.

There are simple ways to keep stress from showing on your face and to look flawless instead, even when you’re feeling tired. Below, how to care for your skin so you don’t skip this season’s festivities:


Getting a much-needed rest is essential, especially if you’re feeling stressed. Sleep deprivation doesn’t just affect your brain and your body, it can be harmful to your skin, too. When you don’t get enough rest, your skin can’t fully repair itself, so it becomes dehydrated and dull.


The skin’s oil production slows down as we age, so our skin becomes drier with time. Skipping moisturizer can also result in flaky skin.

Post-shower, apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, helping it appear more youthful. Be generous with your face moisturizer, body lotion, and lip balm.


Keeping a healthy, well-balanced diet is necessary even in the face of stress. Avoid eating too much sugary food, since studies have shown that sugar can cause your skin to sag and lose elasticity, making you look older.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, tobacco smoke contains toxins that can lead to “smoker’s face.” It’s a term used by doctors to describe skin with a dull and dry complexion, has premature lines and wrinkles (especially around the mouth), one that has lost its firmness, and looks leathery—skin that most smokers have.

Those combined with the other health risks that come with smoking cigarettes? You’re better off ditching the habit.


Dirt and grime can accumulate on your face throughout the day, which can lead to pimples. The same thing goes for sleeping with makeup on. Keep your skin looking clear and healthy by washing your face twice a day. But that’s not always enough, since soaps can still leave pimple-causing bacteria behind. After washing your face, use a cleanser like Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser, which has a micro-cleanse antibacterial formula that helps remove residual dirt, oil, and even makeup, so you can look flawless even after a hard day’s work. It comes in many variants, including Classic White, Pimple Fighting, and Papaya. The Classic White cleanser visibly whitens skin in as early as seven days, while the Pimple Fighting cleanser dries up pimples in as early as three days with its Dermaclear formula, which contains salicylic acid and tea tree extract, and lightens the pimple marks with vitamin B3.

We can’t avoid stress-inducing situations whether at home or at work, but we can take simple steps to better care for our skin. For more linis-kinis skin tips, follow Eskinol on Facebook. Shop for Eskinol products on Shopee and Lazada.


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