Why being gandang-ganda sa sarili is perfectly fine

Confidence can do wonders. There's an upside to being GGSS.
Mar 22, 2018

Does this scenario look familiar?

You wake up one morning feeling—and looking—your best. You wear a chic outfit for a major presentation, which you ace, of course.

As you walk back to your desk, feeling like a million bucks, an office mate sees you in the hallway and says, "Ang ganda mo! Blooming ka."

You feel shy all of a sudden. "Uy hindi naman," you say in response.

Why do many Pinays feel uncomfortable when others notice that they're beautiful? Why do we feel guilty about accepting compliments?

Believing you are beautiful isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's actually all right. Here are some of the reasons why it's OK to be GGSS:


It's attractive.

There's nothing sexier than a woman who acknowledges her own beauty. Next time someone gives you a compliment, accept it with grace. Don't put yourself down for the sake of appearing humble. Own it, and be proud that you stand out!


It's a sign that you take better care of yourself.

You already know you deserve the best, so you give yourself the best. You don't stop at using creams and serums when it comes to skin care. 

To get healthy skin from within, make sure to eat right, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and take a vitamin-based skincare solution.


It builds confidence...

Self-acceptance can take a while to come naturally to most people. Looking at yourself in the mirror every day and telling yourself you're beautiful can make a huge difference. You'll be standing up straighter in no time, and you're going to be ready for every single job interview, presentation, and opportunity coming your way.


...And confidence begets success.

Women who are confident in themselves never let anything get in their way. They never have to worry about anything but the task at hand. All the hard work you put in doesn't have to show. Let others see only your glowing skin.

Achieve healthy skin from within by taking vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights skin-dulling free radicals. So you power through anything no matter how stressful it gets at work!

The next time somebody says you're beautiful, say thanks and own it! Make way for a #ProudStandout you with (d-Alpha Tocopherol) Myra 400-E.

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