Rufa Mae Quinto now preparing for dream wedding (guess who will be her matron of honor)

Rufa Mae Quinto will be tying the knot with her non-showbiz Filipino-Chinese-American boyfriend Trev Magallanes soon. They got engaged last February 5.

On February 5, Rufa Mae Quinto announced her engagement to non-showbiz Filipino-Chinese-American boyfriend Trev Magallanes.

Thanks for coming and welcoming me to your family... Todo na to guys!!! Happy engagement party

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Two weeks after their engagement, the 37-year-old Kapuso comedienne started preparing for the big day, and she got some help from her mommy Carol (left).

In an Instagram post, Rufa Mae revealed a few details about her dream wedding.

Her BFF LJ Moreno-Alapag (third from right) will be the matron of honor.

Event specialist Teena Barretto (second from left), who handled Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s "royal wedding," will be Rufa and Trev’s wedding coordinator. 

The comedienne wrote, "thanks my matron of honor @thelollicakechic and @teenabarretto...Wedding planning with my Mommy Carol... What a feeling.  I am so happy ! Yes! I do I do! #Bff #dreamsdocometrue.

"@teenabaretto wedding planner and my best friend @thelollicakechic my friends are more excited than me .

"They said we've been waiting for this for so long so let's make it a dream wedding.


"My Mother Carol is been crying tears of joy also, I never saw my mom crying ever in my life until today .

"Since she found out I'm engaged. She felt how happy I am.

"My mom, was there in my lowest point, so in my happiest she is the happiest for me.

"Even in my lowest , I tell my mom don't worry I know, i never gave up, I'm always strong and grateful, i feel I'm going to get married soon.

"And this is it ! Thanks guys for being happy for us...So yup ! Thank you! I will see you soon bf and Bff !!! Here there everywhere."

Rufa Mae has yet to announce the wedding date.


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