Eric "Eruption" Tai and Rona Samson's temple wedding

Eric Tai and Rona Samson had their temple sealing on May 25, at the Manila Philippines Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Quezon City.

Eric "Eruption" Tai and his non-showbiz wife Rona Samson, who are both Mormons, have once again tied the knot on May 25, at the Manila Philippines Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Quezon City.

The ceremony is called temple sealing, a sacred Mormon tradition to make the union eternally binding.

Sealed again ?? Congrats eric and rownita ??

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Among the attendees were the couple’s Mormon relatives and friends.

Eric was clad in a custom tailored black suit by Glen Canlas.

Rona looked radiant in a white long dress, also by Glen Canlas, paired with a flower crown.

Eric and Rona's sealing bands.

Instead of the traditional cake slicing, the couple did “bite the cookie.”

The couple also had their "tasty snack attacks" from JiPan Cafe and Bakeshop.

Meanwhile, Eric posted a sweet love note for his wife on Instagram.

Here's an excerpt: "Peh, let's just fall in love and start a family coz I know the Man above Made you especially for me.

"I promise I would give my all..."

He also recounted the day they met via social media.

Here's Eric's love letter for Rona in full:

Before I married my wife last year, March 6, 2015. This was my marriage promise to her: "We've always been talking about this day and it has finally come to life. This time, day and season that now I can call you my wife. After 3 years of knowing each other you really have surprised me. My heart is locked with so much love, you can now throw away the key. But now its time to reveal the truth of how really met, Ladies & gentlemen, family & friends, yes, the internet. I really never thought that I'd meet my future wife online. So thank you Twitter, Facebook, BBM & especially Its Showtime. I remember your first tweet and message you weren't so really happy. Coz during that week as a hurado she said.. You didn't even make me bati. I know you've always thought that I was cool and maybe even hot, But I am truly the lucky one here to have you to TAI my knot. Even through the tough times, we've still been there for each other. And even through all these trials we've had, Ive realized that one day you'll be a great mother. Peh, let's just fall in love And start a family Coz I know the Man above Made you especially for me I promise I would give my all To support your every need I would sacrifice my life To fulfill your every dream I would never ever want to see you lonely Coz your love is something that you just don't push aside And I'll promise I will show you all my lovin Peh I'll open up my heart because there's nothing to hide" I promised myself when writing this i wont and will not even cry. But everyone knows me so well that this big boy will have tears in his eyes. Im here to stay, no matter what situations that may arise. Just remember our goal, the Temple next, Eyes on the Prize. And I promise to do my best to one day take you there. To be sealed for all time and eternity & be worthy of your true love and care." I love you Peh." Now we're sealed, now time to "Endure to the End" ??????????????? @rownita @glendizoncanlas suit & gown

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Eric and Rona first got married on March 6, 2015, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cubao, Quezon City.





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