Ten "relate ako!" moments in Karel Marquez's pre-wedding film

IMAGE Screen grab from Treehouse video

Karel Marquez retold her love story with Sean Farinas in a touching pre-wedding film.

If you have not seen Karel Marquez's pre-wedding film, hello, where have you been?

The video has become viral since it was uploaded last October 22.

Shot in Camaya Coast, Bataan, Karel and her fiance Sean Farinas veered away from the usual concept for pre-wedding videos.

Of course it had the expected elements like the cinematography was superb, there was enough dose of drama, and love was evident.

But it was neither pretentious nor illusory.

On Facebook, Karel said, "Hindi ito reel story. It's our real love story."

Employing Tagalog spoken word poetry, Karel echoed the sentiments of all people who have been waiting for the one.

She also gave the best acting performance of her life.

Here are ten most riveting scenes and powerful lines that melted our hearts, made us cry, had us exclaiming, "relate ako!"

1. "Saan ako pupunta."

It's a classic line after a bad breakup or after years of searching and searching and not finding anything. Di baaaaa?

2. "Paano ba ako umabot dito?"

After going through trial and error in relationships, you ask this question.

After doing your very best to be in a relationship, you still ask this question.

3. "Hindi lahat ng nadadapa ay mananatili sa ibaba."

Don't sulk. It is just a phase.

4. "Muling kakatok ang tadhana."

If you patiently wait, the one will find you.

5. "Hanggang maniwala ulit at managinip."

Singlehood is a moment to enjoy life, heal, learn things, and prepare yourself for the next stage.

Let nature takes its course.

6. "Lalapit sa distansiyang sapat lang."

Once you meet someone, do not rush, do not get too excited.

Huwag magmadali, huwag atat.


7. "At lalapit pa ako."

Step by step. Get to know the person better.

8. "Hanggang sa matagpuan ang akalang hindi mahahanap."

You have to be sure that he or she is the one.

9. "Sa wakas magsisimula na tayo."

To borrow from the title of an American musical drama film, "Begin again."

10. "May naghihintay."

And no matter how long it will take the one to find you, just wait.

Do not do something stupid.

Now here's the entire video.

Sean & Karel | Nagsimula from Treehouse Story on Vimeo.





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