PEP EXCLUSIVE. Karel Marquez on pre-wedding film: "I saw myself in that poem."

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Karel Marquez says there will be a second pre-wedding video: "More fun. A video about the adventures of Sean and I."

Spoken word poetry had begun to spin its own niche in pop culture and in the cultural scene after the primetime hit series On the Wings of Love gave spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo a bigger stage to perform on.

Now, bride-to-be Karel Marquez has breathed more life into this art form by expressing her life story in a stunning prenup video with fiance Sean Farinas.

WATCH: Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas pre-wedding video

In an exclusive chat via Facebook Messenger with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the actress-singer recalled how her pre-wedding film was conceptualized.

For a whole night, she laid down her life story to her wedding production team.

“[I] was true and one hundred percent honest sa wedding production ko.

“Basically, we had a whole night of talking and conceptualizing, while they recorded and wrote my life on paper also.”

Later on, The Treehouse Story came into play and managed to beautifully stitch together the highlights of Karel’s life so far in a visual three-minute spectacle.

“I saw myself in that poem.”

The former MYX VJ said. “Sinulat nila lahat from since I started showbiz to my challenges in life, trials, lahat until I met Sean.

“Umiyak ako kasi I saw myself in that spoken word.

“I was so happy.”

Karel also revealed that there will be another prenup video.

“Total opposite,” she teased. “More fun. A video about the adventures of Sean and I.”

The couple are set to marry on the 1st of December this year.





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