Vice Ganda poses a la "Kylie Jenner" in sexy bikini

IMAGE @praybeytbenjamin on Instagram

Vice Ganda is celebrating his 40th birthday today, March 31.

Vice Ganda is celebrating his 40th birthday today, March 31, on the shores of Malibu.

In a sexy one-piece swimsuit, the Unkabogable Star does his own version of the "back twist" pose, and pulls off a "Kylie Jenner" with his bootylicious asset.

Uwi na Kylie Jenner! #Malibu

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A few hours since putting out his post, netizens have not stopped greeting him and replying with shocked-face emojis for his sizzling bikini body.  

Meanwhile, among his celebrity friends, his fellow It's Showtime host Anne Curtis was one of the first to greet him.

Along with a throwback photo on his first birthday celebration with the noontime show's crew, Anne wrote, "Flashback to your very first birthday with the Showtime family.

"I have always come up with the sweetest birthday messages for you throughout our years of friendship... so this year, pressure... pinag-isipan ko talaga kung anong sasabihin ko... lalo na't ang sweet ng birthday message mo sa akin this year...


"Kaya Ito na.... pinaghirapan ko to ha...


"UWI NA!!! Love you!!! Happy birthday sisterette!!!"

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