Korina Sanchez attends graduation of stepson Paolo Roxas

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Paolo Roxas graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics.

Korina Sanchez was a "proud tita" when she witnessed the graduation of Paolo Roxas, the son of her husband Mar Roxas to former beauty queen Maricar Zaldariagga.

The graduation was held on May 22, Manila time.

The Rated K host posted a photo of father and son on her Instagram account.

Her caption read, "Congratulations to Mar and Maricar. Paolo is a fine, young man.

"Forward march to the best life has to offer!"

Mar stood beside his graduate, brimming with pride.

Congratulations to Mar and Maricar. Paolo is a fine, young man. Forward march to the best life has to offer!

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Paolo graduated with a degree in Economics, similar to his father.

He studied in the prestigious Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  

The 23-year-old young Roxas played a major supporter in his father's presidential campaign last election season.

He took a break from his studies to stand by Mar's side in the campaign trail.

As the "proud tita," Korina documented the day's festivities in her Instagram account.

At the sight of Class of 2017 walking to the grounds, the 52-year-old broadcast journalist briefly relived her graduation last June 26, 2016 in Ateneo de Manila University where she earned her Master's Degree in Journalism.

Korina captioned, "Here come the graduates... ang saya nila!

"I remember my own graduation last year. It's really fun.

"Unexpectedly joyful for me."

After Paolo's graduation ceremony, the family celebrated with a toast to the future ahead.

Cheers to endings and beginnings!

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