12 precious daddy and daughter moments that take our breath away

IMAGE @gomezjuliana on Instagram

Richard Gomez and his daughter Juliana have been buddies since she was a baby.

No matter how busy these celebrity daddies are, they make a point not to neglect their daddy duties.

Ryan Agoncillo, for instance, allots at least "15 minutes" of "solid time" with his kids Yohan, Lucho, and Luna.

In a previous interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), he said, “Well, basically, ano e siyempre yung mga anak natin, ang pinakamahalagang masi-share natin sa kanila yung oras.

“So no matter how tired you are, no matter how puyat you are, pag ikaw, hindi naman nila alam puyat ka, e.

“Pag tinalunan ka sa kama niyan at ginising ka, bangon ka, ‘di ba, laruin mo.”

He also believes in sharing parenting duties with wife Judy Ann Santos.

So one time Juday taught Yohan how to shampoo her hair properly after swimming, Ryan taught her dalaginding "the fine art of cold blowing her beautiful thick black hair so it's stays that way and won't be bantootie."

Dingdong Dantes is a hands-on daddy to Baby Zia. Do you know he is in charge of bathing her?

He also sees to it that his busy schedule will include "playtime" with his daughter.

Speaking of play time, wondering what it is like to have an athlete/daddy?

This photo of JC Intal and Lucia had left the followers of mommy Bianca Gonzalez breathless.

By the way, the toddler is a certified daddy's girl.

Doug Kramer posted a similar photo with Kendra taken during the family's recent trip to Hong Kong.

Kendra was of course unafraid because she knew her daddy would catch her.

This picture of action star Robin Padilla singing "'Lupang Hinirang' while enjoying the morning sun" was "perfect."

Mommy Mariel Padilla said it's their "morning routine."


For Gary Valenciano, every moment spent with his unica hija Kiana is priceless.

He wrote, "There's nothing like regaining my energy after spending time with my princess. Love you @kianavee... I miss you even when I'm with you..."

Meanwhile, for dads Zoren Legaspi and John Estrada, nothing beats the feeling of being simply beside their princess.

Here's Zoren with Cassy...

John and his youngest Anechka. His caption: "With my SUNSHINE during a SUNSET....#favoritetimeoftheday"

Now that Leila lives with her dad Ogie Alcasid, she and the songwriter have regular "dates."

They are go to gym together.

KC Concepcion, who's been living independently, also enjoys spending time with her stepdad, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, and also her biological dad Gabby Concepcion (not in photo).

On Instagram she wrote, "I almost forgot how it feels to simply be a daughter again. Adulting sure gets SO real. Thankful for family. #KCLovesFamily"

Aside from composing sweet lines for his daughter Ellie, Jake Ejercito also makes every moment with his "princess" extra special.

Lastly, every dad would know he's done a good job as a father when his daughter tells him, "I wanna be like you when I grow up."

That was one of the many lines written by Juliana Gomez for her dad Richard, who's also her sports, travel, and food buddy, and photographer, too.

This was taken recently when she was invited by a childhood friend to his prom.

Happy Father's Day!





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