Celebrity moms salute single dads this Father's Day

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This Father's Day, celebs pay tribute to the single dads—the courageous men of the house who have allowed their maternal instincts to temper their fatherly ways. (L-R: Vanessa Matsunaga, Shamcey Supsup, Say Alonzo)

Single parents have it harder since they play dual roles as father and mother.

With this year's celebration of Father's Day, we also put the spotlight on the single dads who faced all the hurdles and challenge of parenthood on their own.

Five celebrity moms shared their short messages to these men who willingly filled up both parental roles in their child's life.

Beauty queen Shamcey Supsup applauded single dads for their choice of raising their child alone.

She remarked, "I can't imagine how to take care of a kid alone. I salute all single dads and single moms na they are able to take care of their kids without the help of anybody.

"Ako nga, I can't imagine raising Nyke without the help of my husband, my mom, his mom. Lahat ng extended family, they're all part of helping me raise Nyke."

News anchor Niña Corpuz echoed the same sentiment, noting how it must be difficult for men to internalize their maternal instincts.

She said, "I super admire you guys for being both father and mother, whether you're a mom or a dad, di ba?

"Especially dads because don't get to talk about them a lot.

"It's hard siguro to find that mother's instincts if you're guy, but if you have to do it, then really hats off to you!"

Say Alonzo and Vanessa Matsunaga gave some words of encouragement to single dads.

Say remarked, "You know, always be there for your kids or your kid kasi minsan lang talaga sila bata.

"Lahat ng kakayanin mong time na maibigay, ibigay mo.

"I know they have to work, pero pag uwi mo, bigay mo lahat ng time na yun.

"Think about work siguro kapag tulog na yung bata or the next day na lang, kasi office work naman, e.


"So, leave it sa office kung kaya para maalala ng anak mo na 'Ay, nung naggo-grow up ako, kahit single dad yung daddy ko, he really spent all his time with me kapag dating sa bahay.'"

Vanessa underlined, "You guys are doing a great job.

"I can only imagine what you guys go through.

"You know raising a child alone is very, very hard, and you know, good job.

"Keep it up. Keep on reading, keep your best, and I'm sure your baby or kids will be very grateful in the future.

"They will love you for it."





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