Why Kiko Estrada is not into big celebrations and receiving gifts on his birthday

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Kiko Estrada on setting his goals:"My achievement as a Best Actor early this year is just the beginning, and I want to achieve more... so I set my standards really high."

GMA-7 actor Kiko Estrada had a belated birthday celebration with his fans last Tuesday, June 20, at Kodanda Archery Range in Eastwood Mall, Quezon City.

The son of Cheska Diaz with Gary Estrada officially turned 22 last June 4, Sunday.

He told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "It's wonderful, I have a lot of special people, friends, bloggers, photographers who are really wonderful to give me their time.

"Few [GMA] Artist Center people, ALV [Talent Circuit, his management outfit] people, lovely host..."

When asked what gift he got himself for his birthday, Kiko answered, "I don't necessarily buy stuff for myself, e.

“I'm more of a giver, I guess.

"I enjoy the reaction of people when I give them something so I don't necessarily buy something for myself."

One Up's Yasser Marta and Ika-Anim Na Utos actress Arianne Bautista hosted the short program during Kiko's birthday party...

...which was actually more like an archery match.

Kiko's fans were divided into two teams of five, with Kiko leading the first team and Yasser heading the second.

Yasser's team won the challenge, but all of Kiko's fans received a loot bag.

There was no celebration on the day of his birthday as Kiko was sick at the time, “the whole birthday week,” he said.

"Also, my dad had dengue so I wished for him to get better.

“Thankfully, after a week, he got better and he's fine now."

But, somehow, the family was able to celebrate his birthday.

"In bed!” Kiko told PEP.

“My mom was like, 'Kiko, gusto mo ba lumabas?'

“Sabi ko, 'Ma, wag na. Let's just celebrate it some other time.'

"A week later, we just watched a movie. You know, just a simple celebration. I'm not big on birthdays."


In fact, there wasn’t anything material in his birthday wish, ”More shows, more projects, more success,” he intoned.

“And blessings for other people, my family, for you, guys.

"I just want everyone to be as blessed as I am, and I hope that all of my projects na on-hold or naka-tengga pa will push through."

The Kapuso actor also said he has yet to achieve his goals as an actor, "My achievement as a best actor early this year is just the beginning."

Last February, he was awarded Outstanding New Best Actor by World Class Excellence Japan Awards for his portrayal in Sinungaling Mong Puso.

Kiko continued, “I want to achieve more...so I set my standards really high.

"Siguro my birthday gift to myself is to say yes to more work."





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