Former beauty queen Venus Raj receives master's degree

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Former beauty queen-turned-host Venus Raj finished her master's degree in Community Development at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up Venus Raj finally received her master's degree during her graduation rites at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City earlier today, Sunday, June 25.

The former beauty queen finished a master's degree in Community Development.

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On Instagram, she posted a selfie after her graduation with the caption: "Nagbunga na ang apat na taong pagsisikap. Sa mga kapwa ko magtatapos, isang taos-pusong pagbati sa inyo. #ThankYouJesusForSustainingMe"

Venus's mentor, Aces & Queens trainer Atty. Nad Bronce, was also in attendance to show support to his "daughter's" latest achievement.

He uploaded a photo of Venus on his Instagram account and wrote, "As a teacher and as one who thrives in an academic environment, I feel proud and elated that my daughters take their education seriously. (Whenever a trainee introduces herself as a student, I immediately call her attention to the rigors of pageantry and tell her to prioritize her education first.)

"Today, I am proud of my students who have graduated from UP. I am also immensely proud of my beloved daughter Venus, who never stopped at learning, and in the process, continued to transform herself for the better.

"More importantly, she has strengthened her faith, and made it a foundation of her life, as she has helped others build their own. In fact, her very thesis reflects on this transformation: spirituality as a pillar of disaster resilience.

"I am confident that Venus will blaze new trails and I am praying that she will continue to help and enlighten others. To you anak @onlyvenusraj, your MA may not glisten as much as a crown on your head, but certainly, it feels and sounds as glorious.

"Congratulations! Padayon! #VenusRaj"

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