Ogie Alcasid celebrates 50th birthday with family vacation in France

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For his 50th birthday celebration, OPM singer/songwriter Ogie Alcasid flew his family to France. He turned 50 on August 27.


Ogie Alcasid turned 50 on August 27.

To celebrate his birthday, he and his entire family flew to France.

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Ogie, Regine, Leila, and Nate Alcasid landed in Paris on the eve of Ogie's birthday, August 26.

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Upon arrival, they reunited with his ex-wife Michelle Van Eimeren and youngest daughter Sarah.

Check out the photos that Ogie uploaded on their first day in the City of Lights.

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On the day of his birthday, they all had a sumptuous family lunch.

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LEILA'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE. Ogie's eldest daughter Leila took to Instagram to send her dad a loving message on his special day.

Leila thanked Ogie for being "the right kind of person when needed."

She wrote, " Happy birthday daddoooo!

"Thanks for hanging out with me when I moved and had no friends and thanks for being my Valentine because I'm not allowed a real one..

"Anyways you always know how to be just the right kind of person when needed!

"I love you!"

Ogie replied to his daughter in the comments section: "I love you my sweetheart."

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Given that his wife Regine Velasquez is a close friend of Dra. Vicki Belo, they will most likely attend the beauty doctor's wedding on September 2 in France.





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