Part of Maxene Magalona's wedding preparations: To stop being a brat.

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Maxene Magalona on the stresses of planning a wedding: "You feel like you're running out of time, pero, in reality, hindi naman talaga."

Maxene Magalona has started planning her own wedding, but she wants to take things in stride. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Maxene on the first day of the Bench Fashion Week on September 7, at the Bench Tower, Bonifacio Global City.

Instead of making a fuss over the wedding's big and small details, she and fiance Rob Mananquil keep stress away as much as possible.

She said, "We're actually taking our time, and we're enjoying the process.

"Kasi there are times when the stress gets to you.

"My fiancé, he reminds me that we should just enjoy the process."

When asked about their wedding date, the actress chooses to keep mum.

But definitely, it will happen next year.

"Talagang we're just trying to come up with ideas and trying to merge them.

"We want kasi our special day to be like—it represents our relationship and the love that we have.

"Siyempre, kapag gano'n ang celebration na gusto mo, it's gonna take a lot more time."

THE STRESS. So far, one thing Maxene has found really stressful about wedding preparations is the time they demand of the couple.

She said, "I guess… it's true what they say. When you start planning a wedding, it's like ang bilis ng oras. So, you're like, 'Oh my gosh, the time!'

"You feel like you're running out of time, pero, in reality, hindi naman talaga."

How does she calm herself?

"Siguro, just breathe in, breathe, count to ten, and then just count my blessings!"

MARRIAGE ADVICE. Guiding Maxene on her journey to "forever" are her mother Pia Magalona and sister Saab Magalona-Bacarro.

"I have to be mature," said Maxene when asked about her mom's advice to her.

"Ang lagi niyang sinasabi is, this is a lifetime commitment, and it's something that I really have to be prepared for…Kumbaga, this is the next step to my life, and there's no way to go but to mature."


So while preparing for the big day, Maxene also prepares for the marriage itself.

"[Mom] hopes that as I enter this new chapter, I become wiser, stronger, and more mature.

"Kasi you know there are times, inaamin ko, that I can still be a bit immature or childish or a bit of a brat.

"O, 'di ba, first step is acceptance!

"So, if you know you have these flaws, you work towards becoming a better version of yourself.

"I guess that's what every parent wants naman for their child."

From her sister Saab, the advice for Maxene has been to be "best friends" with her future husband.

Saab married Jim Bacarro back in January 2015.

Maxene added, "[It's] just give and take."





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