Geoff Eigenmann on girlfriend Maya's pregnancy: "Right was a good decision."

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Geoff Eigenmann's posted a photo of his pregnant girlfriend Maya on his Instagram account yesterday, September 9. In his caption, he shared his excitement as he waits for the birth of their first baby anytime this month.


Geoff Eigenmann is going to be a daddy soon.

He made the announcement about his girlfriend Maya's pregnancy yesterday, September 9, during the first Facebook Live session of PPL Entertainment, Inc., which manages the couple's careers.

Dubbed PPL Live, the Q & A with PPL's artists was part of the 8th anniversary celebration of Perry Lansigan's company.

In the segment "Good Vibes or Bad Vibes," host/DJ Jhai Ho asked Geoff about the rumored pregnancy of Maya, the former singer of the international girl group Blush.

Smiling, the actor began with, "Good vibes."

Then came the admission, "The answer is yes, malapit na akong maging father.

"Today, officially, is our 36th week, kaya hindi rin nakasama sa PPL Live si Maya, who’s also part of PPL for the past two years.

"Ready to pop any time soon. So any time soon, you’ll gonna see a little baby."

Maya, who is Angeli Flores in real life, is due to give birth this September.

Geoff continued, "Our family has known naman, close friends.

"Hindi lang talaga nababalitaan kasi hindi kami ma-post sa social media and all that. 

"But yeah, aside from that, it’s true, and we’re very happy.

"Can’t be more excited."

THE FIRST PERSON TO KNOW. The first time Geoff and Maya learned about it, they rang Perry right away.

“When we found out about the baby, he’s the first person we told about it,” the actor said.

And what was their manager's reaction?

"Of course, it was unexpected. But he was happy for us.

"Siya rin naman ang nag-alaga sa amin along the way.

"I believe, right timing.

"For me, it was a good decision.

"Pinag-usapan din namin ni Maya, and finally we’ll be having our baby.” 

After the announcement, the couple posted on their respective Instagram accounts five photos from their maternity shoot. 


Geoff's caption for the series of photos he posted: "Just a couple more weeks my loves."

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Maya wrote, “Momma to be.”

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Geoff promised that he and Maya will give more details on the next PPL Live session.

Hopefully, the latter will have given birth by then.





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