Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez are expecting Baby No. 2!

IMAGE @sarahlahbati @iloveruffag on Instagram

Sarah Lahbati has happily announced that "Zion is about to be a kuya!!!"

Zion Gutierrez, 4, is going to be a kuya!

Earlier tonight, September 18, 2017, his mom Sarah Lahbati, 23, posted this on Instagram: "We are thrilled to announce that our little family is growing.

"Zion is about to be a kuya!!!

"Lord, thank you for protecting us."

The fiancee of Richard Gutierrez, 33, added that she is "so excited for the future," then gave a "shout-out to all the super moms out there."

She didn't reveal how many weeks she is in on her pregnancy, but she has experienced the symptoms.

""I'm very much pregnant... back pains, breakouts, HAKAW DIM SUM CRAVINGS, cramps, mood swings AT IBA PA!!!

"Raise your hand if you can relate!!!"

"The silver lining to this craziness is that there's a healthy baby growing inside of me who I'm very much excited to meet next year. :)

"Do you think we're having a boy or girl?"

Meanwhile, Richard's older sister Ruffa Gutierrez congratulated the couple on their "good news."

On her Instagram Stories tonight, Ruffa remarked, "happy you're making more amazing babies.

"We need more ZIONS in this world!"

The Kapamilya couple got engaged on March 21, with the majestic Zermatt in Switzerland for their backdrop.

Sarah grew up in Switzerland.

They officially announced their engagement on July 31, 2017.

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