Kaye Abad reveals fear for husband Paul Jake Castillo when she gives birth

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Kaye Abad teases husband Paul Jake Castillo about her plan when she gives birth in December: "So, I told him, 'O, tatawagin ka 'pag ika-cut na yung umbilical.' Sagot niya, 'Hindi, sa recovery room lang ako...'"

Kaye Abad is expecting a baby boy, and will be exactly 37 weeks pregnant on December 20.

Both Kaye and her husband Paul Jake Castillo have predicted that she just might give birth on December 22, which is also the birthday of the former Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up housemate.

Paul Jake said with a laugh, “Feeling ko December 22. Babaguhin na rin birthday niya, e, para isahan na.”

Kaye, whose birthday falls on May 17, jokingly agreed, “December na rin? Magpapabago ako ng birthday.”

The 35-year-old actress made a play of lamenting that her son just may grow up receiving an all-in-one birthday and Christmas gift.

But Paul Jake remarked, “Okey lang yun. Ganun din ako nung lumalaki.” 

Kaye has been based in Cebu since she and Paul Jake got married on December 9, 2016.

But the Kapamilya actress said she will birth to their firstborn in Manila.

“Yes, dun ako manganganak.

“I’m going back to Manila baka mga second week of November.”


PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other entertainment reporters interviewed Kaye at her baby shower organized by Aprica.

The event was held at Marco Polo Plaza in Cebu City, yesterday, October 28.

As a first-time mom, Kaye admitted to having mixed feelings about going into labor.

“Excited ako, at the same time, natatakot ako.

“Dati nanonood ako ng mga nanganganak. Pero nung nabuntis ako, tinigil ko kasi natatakot ako.

“You will never know what can happen.

“But I always pray na normal and no complications. Sana okey lahat.”

Paul Jake, who enjoys teasing his wife, threw in, “Sa dinami-dami nang nabuntis, kinaya. Ikaw ‘di mo kaya?

“Kakayanin niya talaga. Ma-Caesarian ka kung 'di mo kakayanin.

“Sige, mamili ka, Caesarian or kayanin mo? Push or caesarian?”

Kaye acquiesced, “Gusto ko talaga push, normal.”

At this point in the interview, Paul Jake and Kaye’s penchant for light banter came into play.


If Kaye is nervous, Jake is not prepared to watch his wife giving birth.

Smiling, Kaye elaborated, “Nakausap ko si Camille Prats. Sabi niya, tinawag yung husband niya when lalabas na yung baby.

"Para makita ng husband niya na palabas na yung baby and to cut the umbilical cord.

“So I told him, ‘O, tatawagin ka ‘pag ika-cut na yung umbilical.’

"Sagot niya, ‘Hindi, sa recovery room lang ako...’”

In his defense, Paul Jake clarified that the sight of blood does not scare him, what does is the delicate task of cutting his baby's umbilical cord and messing it up.

The 32-year-old actor and businessman added, “Sana nag-doctor ako kung gusto ko i-cut ‘yan.”


During her baby shower, one of the games played was to ask the players: Who would choose the baby's name? Kaye or Paul Jake?

Paul Jake fondly called his long-time friends "titos and titas of Cebu" when he summoned them to take his side to win the game.

Check out below how competitive they were in this fun game: 

At the end of the program, the couple happily posed for souvenir photos with Paul Jake's family.

Here's Kaye thanking all the guests who came to the party:





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