Erwan Heussaff's father Louis Paul wants him to have 10 sons with Anne Curtis

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Amid the company of good friends and a bountiful feast, Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff received relationship advice from their parents—Louis Paul Heussaff and Cynthia Adea (left), and James Ernest Curtis-Smith and Carmencita Ojales (right)—during their wedding reception held at the Walter Peak High Country Farm in Queenstown, New Zealand on Sunday, November 12.

Anne Curtis and Erwan Hessaff's wedding guests learned more about the newlyweds when their parents started giving their speeches during their wedding reception.

The couple's wedding reception is currently ongoing at the Walter Peak High Country Farm in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Tim Yap kept the couple's followers updated by uploading videos of the couple's wedding reception on his Instagram stories, including their parents speeches.

Anne's parents, James Ernest Curtis-Smith and Carmencita Ojales, were the first to give their messages for the newlyweds. 

Anne's dad, a natural comic, made the guests laugh within seconds since he took the mic.

According to Tim's Instagram stories, Anne's dad even talked about the education system in the Philippines at one point of his speech. It wasn't clear, however, why he brought the topic because the video had to be cut.

James gave his son-in-law some advice during this speech.

Anne's dad mentioned two things Erwan should always keep in mind.

First, the importance of replying, "Yes, dear!"

Second, he added that Erwan's culinary skills would also come in handy.

"If you do have culinary skills, 'cause oh my... you're going to need them," he quipped, referring to Anne's kitchen skills.

Meanwhile, Erwan's mom Cynthia already addressed her daughter-in-law as the "Mrs. Heussaff in the Philippines" during her speech.

Erwan's father, Louis Paul, on the other hand, told the newlyweds that he wants to have 10 grandsons so they better "start to work!"

Cheers to the newlyweds!

Cheers to the newlyweds @erwan ?? @annecurtissmith #TheWanforAnne

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