Maine Mendoza recounts her jeje days on New Year's Eve

IMAGE @mainedcm on Twitter/Instagram

Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Maine Mendoza uploaded her pre-showbiz photos on Twitter last December 31, and included a sample of messages she used to send during her "jejemon" phase.

There was a point in time when Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Maine Mendoza was also a certified "jejemon."

In case you didn't know, jejemon is a Filipino pop culture phenomenon which emerged in the early 2000s.

It is a term first used to describe people with a specific style of text messaging, which involves using a combination of upper and lower case letters in one sentence, and adding random special characters for good measure.

From developing a language dubbed as Jejenese, this Pinoy trait has evolved into a complete subculture and become a lifestyle—an imbibed personality and fashion sense—for some, mostly observed in the younger generation.

In a series of tweets last December 31, Maine recalled her "jeje days" and some of her struggles when she was going through that phase.

It was around this time in the previous decade when telecom companies started offering unlimited-text services.

Jejemons tried to avail of the service at a peak time just to send their holiday greetings to everyone in their contacts list.

Plus points for a creative "signature" at the end of each message.

In her tweet, Maine wrote, "Random NYE thought: Naalala ko lang yung mga panahong pahirapan mag-unli [text] kapag ganitong panahon. Hindi tuloy makapag GM [group message]. #cUtiEmHaine03 #hApPyNewYearGuyZ"

Maine made a lot of her followers relate to her post when she cited an example.

She wrote, "With special mentions pa yan.

"~, fAt siSter: loKa Kah maGhugAs kAh ng piNagKhaiNan sA kUsinA.

"~, cUte bFf: yUng sEcRet naTinn hUh!

"~, cRushiiiE: hApPy neW yEar! EnJoii kaYo dyAn <3

"‘. nEw yEar, nEw mE!!!

"* ~,gHie-Ehm,~"

To top it all off, Maine uploaded some of her selfies during her Jejemon phase and wrote,


~,cUtiEmHainE03 xD"

Her Twitter followers couldn't handle how cute her high school photos were.





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