Celebrities reflect on their life lessons and milestones for 2017

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Iza Calzado, Anne Curtis, and Sarah Lahbati thank 2017 for life-changing memories.

It's a brand new year, and people are filled with a renewed sense of hope and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the year that was.

Just like most of us, these celebrities looked back on 2017 and picked out the lessons, the milestones, and the memories that summed up 2017 for them.

ALL ABOUT LOVE. Undeniably, one of the most anticipated weddings of 2017 was Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s.

Still on a wedding high, Anne summed up her “unforgettable and beautiful” 2017 with a snap of her special day.

She wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, “Without a doubt, the best part of it was marrying the love of my life…

“Here’s to a year of ‘firsts’ all over again my love @erwan!”

Meanwhile, the year also witnessed several heartfelt engagements.

Iza Calzado recalled her engagement with now-fiancé Ben Wintle with the “best photo” from her 2017.

Part of her Instagram post read, “Here's to a lifetime of ugly cries because of how good you are to me. 2018 will be our best year yet!”

Soon-to-be married Maxene Magalona also named her engagement as the highlight of her 2017.

Her fiancé Robby Mananquil popped the question on Valentine’s Day during a Tokyo trip.

“To be able to find the person who will love and accept you for all that you are and choose to stick by your side no matter what truly is a blessing," she said in her Instagram post.

“Thank you for a beautiful 2017, my darling Robby!

“Can’t wait to spend 2018 and all my years with you!”


Another soon-to-be married celebrity is Billy Crawford, who asked for Coleen Garcia’s hand in marriage over a year ago.

On Instagram, Billy described 2017 as an “eye-opener” because it prepared him for his life's next chapter.

“So many lessons learned, situations to grow from and planning for my road to forever with this wonderful, sexy, magnificent, smart, gorgeous, not perfect but almost, fiancé!

“Doesn’t matter where we are as long as we both know for a fact that God will never forsake us and with you by my side nothing is impossible!”

For Angel Locsin, 2017 was the year she learned to fall in love again.

In a post dedicated to her new love, Neil Arce, she said, “Falling in love with you was the best part of my 2017.”

GREAT ADVENTURES. 2017 was an eventful year for a lot of celebrities, and for Sarah Lahbati, the year was indeed filled with milestones in her career, family, and personal life.

Not only is she expecting her second son with Richard Gutierrez, but the two got engaged in 2017 as well.

Isabelle Daza also had an “amazing” year, which was topped off with the announcement of her pregnancy.

2017 you’ve been amazing ????

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Meanwhile, Julia Barretto was thankful to have a companion in Joshua Garcia through most of her “magical moments” for the year.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith happily sealed off her “crazy” 2017 with her Best Supporting Actress award from this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

As for Maine Mendoza, she capped off 2017 by soaring like the birds as she went skydiving in Miami, Florida.


I have always wondered how it would feel to fly. How do birds feel when they soar through the sky. How it feels to see everything from up above. I was fortunate enough to experience this in the magic city— Miami. Funny thing, I almost cried while sitting inside the aircraft– incredibly nervous and happy– because DAMN I cannot believe I am actually doing this! (There is nothing more nerve-racking than the anticipation; from signing the waiver to the plane ride up; and when they open that motherfriggin door mid-flight! Jusko ang puso ko!) But when we jumped off, I felt nothing but absolute bliss. For the most part, it felt unreal to me. It was breathtaking– literally, too. It was amazing. Best part is I didn’t pee my shorts! Seriously though, I cannot believe I actually did it; I took the ultimate plunge! I was so freakin scared but still I made it alive. Lol! Next on my bucket list is to do it alone. (Charot, semi-not charot!) It made me realize most of the things worth doing starts with being nervous or terrified. You just gotta take the leap and make it happen. You might just be amazed at what you could achieve and how far your jump can take you ONLY if you take the chance. Sabi nga sa Nike, “just do it”! Some things are always worth a try. At the end of the day, chances are you'll be thanking yourself for taking the risk because it made you happy... or at least alive. I hope we all get to experience new things and collect wonderful memories this 2018! Happy New Year, everybody! ????

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FULL OF THANKS Bea Alonzo's year-end caption was short and sweet. She said, “Thank you for all the life lessons…”

While Gerald Anderson thanked 2017 for “all the blessings… the challenges the lessons… the opportunities… the ups and downs…”

Kim Chiu summed up her year with gratitude for the old and new people in her life.

She said, “Thankful for my family, friends and new friends.

“Thankful for the people who supported me and loved me for who I am, most especially thank you for the people who helped me get through 2017!

“Thank you for taking a chance on me, always grateful, always thankful.”

waiting for 2018,. I am a strong believer of the saying “everything happens for a reason”. we may not know the reason behind it but it is God’s will and purpose. 2017 has been really “surprising” for me. things I never expected to happen,. thankful for every second of the year,. thankful for every day of the year,. thankful for the people around me., new ones and old ones.,, every person you meet has a purpose in your life., and you’ll learn something from them either good or bad,. thankful for my family, friends and new friends,. thankful for the people who supported me and loved me for who I am. most especially thank you for the people who helped me get through 2017!. thank you for taking a chance on me,. always grateful, always thankful. “Life is a like a roller coaster, sometimes you close your eyes in shear terror and other times you just have to raise your hands up high in the air and enjoy the ride.” appreciate life even more! treat yourself once in-awhile. Live, Love, Laugh!!! cheers to 2017!!!.. for you who’s reading this right now THANK YOU for making my 2017 a good one!??. lets do this 2018!!!????????????

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Gabbi Garcia wrote a lengthy letter to herself and to the people around her.

Part of her caption read, “To the people who knows me, my story, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

“Thank you for never leaving.

“To everyone and everything who has been part of my 2017, thank you for making me GENUINELY happy.”

2018, I’m ready to soar with you

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For her part, Angelica Panganiban expressed her gratitude for the year that was in an honest and straightforward post.

“Masakit ka sa ulo 2017, pero ito ang pinakamasayang taon ko.

“Sa pag pagtitiwala, pero binigo.

“Sa pagiyak, pero kinaya.

“Sa pag tawa ng walang humpay.

“Sa pagkakaron ng mga bagong kaibigan.

“Sa mga kaibigan na nabalik.

“Sa mga lugar na bagong naramdaman.

“Sa pagkakataon na sinubukan.

“Sa mga tagumpay na pinasalamatan.

“Thank you 2017.”  





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