The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 contestant Kai Honasan is now married

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Autotelic keyboardist/vocalist Kai Honasan and Chicosci bassist Eco del Rio exchanged I dos in a sunset wedding ceremony yesterday, May 6.

Former The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 contestant Kai Honasan is now married.

The daughter of Senator Gringo Honasan ties the knot with fellow musician, Chicosci bassist Eco del Rio in a sunset wedding ceremony at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila on May 6.

The senator tweets a heartfelt message on his Twitter account with a photo of him walking his daughter down the aisle.

“Kai & Eco, enjoy and savor your special day today, the 1st day of the rest of your lives together.

“Mama and I, the Ates Kuyas and Kids are praying for the Lord's blessings & all of life's best for both of you the family you will raise & all you hold dear.

“We love you forever.”

Kai wears a bohemian-inspired bridal gown by Martin Bautista.

Here are some of the official wedding photos:

Taken by Atlas Studios, Kai captions, “Magic hour at #DelRioGrande. 
24 hours ago,

“I married the guy I used to hate in front of everyone we love.”

CELEBS SPOTTED. Some of OPM’s popular acts including members of Kai and Eco’s bands Autotelic and Chicosci join the celebration.

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Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Del Rio! #DelRioGrande

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Former Sugarfree front man Ebe Dancel sings “Lakambini” during the wedding march.

It’s Showtime host and Itchyworms band member Jugs Juneta with his wife, Andie Aguirre

Happiness! ???????????? #DelRioGrande

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Urbandub lead vocalist Gabby Alipe

New parents Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona

Joyce Pring and Bogart the Explorer are the wedding reception’s hosts.





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