Christian Bautista, Kat Ramnani hold prenup shoot at National Museum of Natural History


Christian Bautista and fiancée Kat Ramnani choose the National Museum of Natural History as backdrop for their prenup shoot. Though they were initially not allowed to hold the shoot there, Kat wrote a long letter to the director of the museum to formally convince them about the symbolism of the museum for their prenup. 

Christian Bautista and fiancée Kat Ramnani chose a stunning location for their official prenup shoot—the newly-opened National Museum of Natural History in Manila.

Shot by their good friend and celebrity wedding photographer Pat Dy, Christian and Kat specifically chose the museum for their prenup shoot as it symbolizes their principles, interests, and ideals as a couple.

"We wanted to pick a venue that represented us and represented our love for the country. We wanted our prenup to stand for something," Kat told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a recent one-on-one interview at the PEP headquarters.

"There are a lot of beautiful prenups out there, but for us as a couple, we had a lot to say.

"We wanted our prenup to talk about us, and what we love, and how much we love the Philippines and Manila."

Initially, the National Museum of Natural History didn't allow Christian, Kat, and Pat to hold the shoot at the museum.

But Kat was adamant to make their plan happen, so she took the initiative to write a formal letter to the director of the museum, Director Jeremy Barns.

She continued, "We reached out to National Museum for Natural History and they told us ‘no’ first. They don’t allow photo shoots.

"So I wrote a plea, a long letter, and I plead my case.

"I explained why the museum represented us as a couple—why it meant so much to us and what it would mean [to have our prenup photo shoot there].

"The director of the museum—Director Barns, amazing man—read the letter and he said yes! We went, we got our permit, and we shot!"

Christian, a landscape architecture graduate, couldn't have asked for a more "fantastic" venue to hold their prenup shoot.

He told, "It really portrays a lot of great, great shots of the architecture, the interior design of the museum. And I felt that when I saw some of the photos—I haven’t seen everything yet—it portrays a lot of strength that you need for the foundations of your marriage."


THE PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHER. When Christian and Kat revealed their engagement on November 3, 2017, Pat immediately reached out to the bride-to-be.

Kat remarked, "He was the first person to call me. The first person. As soon as we posted online, within 45 seconds, it was Pat who reached out."

Pat was one of the first people to help Kat navigate through the next chapter of her life.

She said, "He was just a wealth of advice and kindness during a very overwhelming time with all these messages!

"I didn’t know what to do, and Pat was just a beacon of light in a very exciting time."

Christian and Kat are getting married in the latter part of 2018.

It will be an intimate wedding overseas with their closest loved ones, to be followed by a grand wedding reception in Manila.

The gorgeous bride-to-be also accompanied her prenup shoot posts with their official hashtag, #letsgetreadytoRAMBAU. 

Kat, a lover of puns as evidenced by her Instagram captions, made a wordplay of boxing announcer Michael Buffer's famous catchphrase, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

Congratulations and best wishes, Christian and Kat!

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