Zia Dantes transforms into Frozen's Elsa at Hong Kong Disneyland for third birthday

IMAGE The Dantes Squad on YouTube

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera brought their three-year-old daughter to Hong Kong Disneyland for her birthday. In a video uploaded on their family's YouTube channel, Zia Dantes tells dad Dingdong, "Hi Dad, I'm a princess." 

Photo: Screen Grab from The Dantes Squad on YouTube

Zia Dantes, daughter of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, turned three years old on November 23. 

Just like her previous birthdays, Zia did not have a grand party; instead, her mom and dad brought her to Hong Kong Disneyland.

And there, at the happiest place on earth, her wish of becoming a Disney Princess was granted.

The highlights of Zia's birthday celebration was summed up in six-minute video uploaded on their family YouTube Channel, The Dantes Squad.

Aside from interacting with Disney mascots Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto, the adorable tot was transformed into Elsa, from the 2013 movie Frozen. 

Zia dressed up in Elsa's icy blue gown, a blonde wig, a crown and wand, and even had her nails painted. 

While in the dressing room, Zia told her Mommy Marian, "Thank you Mama for being proud of me."

Her beaming mom answered, "Of course I'm always proud of you. I love you."


The next scene showed Zia walking in her Princess outfit, and telling her Dad who was behind the camera, "Hi Dad, I'm a princess."

Dingdong exclaimed, "Wow! Can you turn around for me?"

While Zia was being made up, Dong asked his wife, "So Mama, anong feeling?"

Marian, while looking at her daughter said, "She's so cute. Excited siya, parang ang arte niya, no? 

"Mas maarte pa siya sa 'kin," the proud mom said laughing.

After her transformation, Zia saw herself in the mirror, and exclaimed, "I look so pretty! Wow, I look so nice."

The little princess then had her official photos taken by a Disneyland photographer.

The video also showed Zia roaming around the theme park dressed like Princess Anna, also from Frozen. She also sang Christmas carols with other kids, and enjoyed the rides with her parents. 

At one point while running, Zia tripped and fell, but immediately told Daddy Dong, "It's okay I'm brave."


Closing the video, Dingdong said in his voice over, "At the end of our tiring but fun day at Disneyland, it's clear that we've achieved our goal, to give Zia a memorable yet simple birthday. It was a great bonding trip for our family and, if given a chance, we would love to do this..."

Marian added, "Over and over again. The end."

In a separate Instagram post, Dingdong revealed that they were supposed to visit a different Disneyland theme park also in Asia, but two days before their planned trip, they received a health advisory from Marian's doctor that it was dangerous to proceed because of her pregnancy.

Not wanting to disappoint Zia, who had been excited in meeting Mickey Mouse, Marian and Dingdong made last-minute plans with the help of their friends. 

"Nothing beats the genuine reaction of happiness from your little one on the fulfillment of her dreams— no matter how big or small," Dong wrote in his caption.


Watch the whole video below:

And it would seem Dingdong still has a hangover from their Disneyland trip.

In his Instagram Story uploaded on December 26, Dingdong happily twirled a la ballerina in front of Zia, wearing his pambahay and a wig, while "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast played in the background.  

Indeed, Daddy Dingdong will do anything for his Princess Zia!


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