Cassy and Mavy Legaspi Oscars-themed 18th birthday party: All the exciting details!

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Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi's twins, Cassy and Mavy, celebrated their 18th birthday with an Oscars-themed party held on Saturday night, January 12, at One Canvas Events Place in Makati City. Cassy and Mavy officially turned 18 on Sunday, January 6.

Cassy and Mavy Legaspi's 18th birthday was a night filled with glitz and glam.

Their guests, all dressed to the nines, trooped to their grand birthday party on Saturday night, January 12, at One Canvas Events Place in Makati City.

The twins officially turned 18 on Sunday, January 6.

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the twins shared why they picked the "Oscars" as the theme of their birthday bash.

Cassy said it was her brother's idea, and the inspiration actually came from their parents Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi's wedding.

The Kapuso teen star said, "People say my parents' wedding is iconic.

"I wanted to do the same which is to make something different because you don't really hear much about a twin, a boy and a girl, celebrating their 18th birthday. It's not typical.

"We decided to stick with the idea to do something different."

Showbiz netizens will probably remember how Zoren surprised Carmina with an on-the-spot proposal and a lavish wedding ceremony in November 2012, at Fernbrook Gardens, Muntinlupa.


Mavy further said, "It's an Oscar's awards night-themed party. There will definitely be a red carpet.

"We chose that theme because when you see it, people dress up, and there will be a lot of colors."

But to set the expectations, Mavy, who wore a pair of sneakers, said that their party was not really so strict about the dress code.

"We took that idea kasi Cassy and I aren't really uptight and formal. We just like to have fun."

The twins were very "hands-on" when it came to the preparations, which took weeks.

Cassy remarked, "Yeah. Even with every little detail."

They thanked their parents for being there during the planning stage.

The debutante said, "They're very hands-on too. We sometimes can't decide on our own. If we want to get a different perspective, we just ask our parents."


The twins wore creations of fashion designer Francis Libiran.


Cassy looked elegant in her gold gown with a long train filled with petal-like appliques.

Mavy, on the other hand, was clad in a contemporary midnight blue wrap blazer and a pair of trousers with art deco prints.

Francis also designed Carmina's purple gown and Zoren's royal blue suit.


Gideon Hermosa worked his magic in achieving the red carpet-themed look.

Tons of red flowers and candles also welcomed the guests upon their arrival at the venue.

The four-course meal was prepared by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco

Mannix Monday made three art-deco black-and-gold cakes for Cassy and Mavy.

Over 200 guests were invited to their party.

And having all of their loved ones gather under one roof was something the twins looked forward to.

Mavy told, "What I'm looking forward to is seeing the people that played, and are still playing important roles in our lives. I think that's going to be the most special one."


Cassy added, "It's also like seeing your entire world in one room."

Some celebrities included in their guest list were Kapamilya stars Kathryn Bernardo and Sofia Andres.

The twins' cousin Dani Barretto and her sister Claudia were also present.

Cassy and Mavy also invited their fellow Kapuso talents Migo Adecer, Kyline Alcantara, Miguel Tanfelix, and the Cruz brothers, Rayver and Rodjun.

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The twins made their grand entrance with Cassy performing Dua Lipa's "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)."

One of the highly-anticipated segments of the program was Cassy's dance with her Tatay Zoren.

The father-and-daughter tandem danced to the tune of Prince's "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World."

Mavy, on the other hand, danced with his mom Carmina.

Meanwhile, Carmina and Zoren prepared a short message for their twins.

Here's an excerpt from Carmina's speech: "I know that I can count on you. When I'm weak, you are my strength.


"Thank you my son, thank you for being you. I love you, my pooh bear, cause I love Winnie the Pooh and he looks like a bear. 'Di ba ang cute na bear.

"Don't forget to look after each other, because besides us, you only have each other.

"Remember that life is not easy, it's filled with challenges, difficulties, and failures, but don't give up.

"If you fall, stand up and keep on trying until you succeed."

Zoren, on the other hand, reminded the twins about making the right decisions, which he compared to the EDSA traffic.

He told his children, "Please, don't make your life difficult by making bad decisions.

"I keep telling them, pag traffic ka sa EDSA, if you miss a way, napakahirap di ba mag-U-turn sa EDSA.

"So that's about life. If you make a mistake in your life, napakahirap mag-U-turn."

Instead of the traditional 18 Roses, Cassy gave special awards to 18 attendees to show how grateful they are for having them in their journey.


That was also Mavy's idea.

He told via email, "People are calling it as the twins' debut, but as a brother, I also want to make it as Cassy's debut.

"The idea I came up with was 18 awards instead of 18 roses. They go up on stage and they will give a speech.

"I will award someone, but I don't really want them to say a speech about me. It's more on me saying thank you to them."

"Yeah because in a way, they're also the ones attending."

The twins also agreed on doing something unusual for their guests.

Cassy said, "Usually, after the awards besides red-carpet photos, they always post pictures of celebrities in the after-party.

"Now, we're going to surprise our guests with an after-party. The lights are going to turn off, and then they’re going to be neon. It's an after-party in an instant."


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