Sandara Park brings Chocnut to Paris Fashion Week

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Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park says chocnut is her go-to snack to lift her mood. The 34-year-old actress-singer brought a piece when she attended Thom Browne's show at Paris Fashion Week last March 3, Sunday.

Filipino fans of Sandara Park were amused that their South Korean idol still keeps a stash of her favorite Filipino chocolate anywhere.

Dara attended Paris Fasion Week early this month, and the 34-year-old YG Entertainment talent did a fashion diary video feature for Elle Korea.

Posted on YouTube last Sunday, March 10, Dara shared how she prepared for American fashion designer Thom Browne's show last March 3, Sunday.

She wore the designer's latest fashion pieces from head to toe, including a mixed leather hat box junior bag, which is being sold on for $1,724 or around PHP100,000.

On her way to the venue, she was asked to reveal the items she brought with her.

Dara took out some skin-care and make-up products.

But one item—a Chocnut—caught her Filipino fans' attention. 

In the video, Dara described it as the "national chocolate" of the Philippines, and her go-to snack to lift her mood.


Many of her Fillipino fans reacted on Twitter and tagged Dara's official account.

A fan tweeted, "Fashion is Life but Chocnut is Lifer."

What else was in Dara's bag? Chosungah 22 Cushion Pact for touchups.

According to the brand's official website, this make-up product retails for $37.31 or around PHP2,000.


There was a tube of L'Occitane Nail and Cuticle Oil, which costs $19 or at least PHP1,000...

...and a Sabon Hand Cream, which costs $9 or around PHP500, to keep her hands moisturized.

Watch the whole feature below:


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