Six bed-weather OOTDs for mommies and titas

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Look casual and comfy with Camille Prats's front-slit dress and sneakers. If you feel like adding E (as in effort) to your OOTD, a pair of black boots and jacket can do the job, right, Louise delos Reyes?

Just because we're having a bed weather doesn't mean it's a dress-down day.

Of course, we understand that rainy days generally mean I-N-C-O-N-V-E-N-I-E-N-C-E to us, Filipinos.

For the commuters, the level of tiis ganda intensifies. Imagine the mud being splattered on your jeans, nakakasira ng araw.

For mommies, it's just nakakatamad to wear heels, nakakadulas kasi.

For titas, it's simply more convenient to dress down. Period.

But hey, before you declare it's a dress-down day, there are ways to look fashionable, and, at the same time, feel comfortable.

We can make these celeb OOTDs our pegs.

Hindi kailangan karir pero bongga pa rin!

1. Camille Prats's front-slit dress

She got this from Saturday Dress Manila for PHP1,149.

It's also available in black.

HK weekend ??

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With regard to footwear, white may not be advisable if you're commuting.

But with a pair of black boots and leather jacket, we can look...fierce.

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2. Louise delos Reyes's plaid top and leggings

Aminin, our default outfit is black or white or any solid color.

Why don't we explore more colors, which can stand out easily on a gloomy day?

3. Anne Curtis's black and white ensemble.

We know some do not like colorful outfits, and some have been toying on the idea of hiding their tees.

Thus, look for interesting cuts or design on sleeves and necklines.

There's the batwing or off-shoulder or cold shoulder top.

Anne Curtis looked effortlessly stylish in her Plains and Prints top and Adidas sneakers.

4. Amy Perez's jeans and white tee with a twist


Her personalized silk bomber jacket was by John Rufo, shirt by Tees and Things, jeans by Petrol, and shoes by Janeo.

5. Bela Padilla's mini-dress and trench coat

Yup, a trench coat...

See how Bela pulled it off.

And if the rain suddenly stops, the mini-dress and red slip-ons are still prefect.

By the way, her OOTD was courtesy of H&M.

6. Meryll Soriano's cardigan

The zebra-patterned stripes looked so refreshing.

Then wear it with and all-black ensemble or jeans and shirt, even shorts and shirt.

Ready to slay on a rainy day?





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