Halloween costume pegs courtesy of Team Kramer

IMAGE @dougkramer44 on Instagram

Scarlett, Kendra, and Gavin Kramer in their onesies.

Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia's Instagram feeds never fail to show their family's funniest, craziest, and cutest moments.

And if you're a fan of Team Kramer, you would know that Doug and Chesca, together with their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, love dressing up.

In fact, the celebrity mom revealed that it is one of their "family's best bonding moments."

We love to dress up and have fun!!! It's one of our best family bondings!

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And now that Halloween is fast approaching, it's trick or treat time again!

Are the kids in your house ready? Do they already have costumes? Get tons of ideas from Team Kramer.

Here are four costume ideas (thanks to Instagram), that our little ones, and even moms and dads, can pull off.

1. Be nakakatakot!

Time to bring out the most horrifying masks this scary holiday.

According to Enlightenme.com, wearing a Halloween mask dates back many centuries ago. People wore them to scare away evil spirits and prevent them from entering homes during "the end of summer and the beginning of the coldness and darkness of winter." 

Here's a peg courtesy of Kendra.

How about Halloween makeup?

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The default scary look is zombie!!!

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2. Be a superhero.

Kids love to imagine that they have their favorite superhero's powers.

Here's Gavin the Iron Man...

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...even Superman!

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Look, Batman and the Catwomen!

3. Be a princess or a Disney character.

These costumes are considered classics. They can be worn in other occasions.

Here's Princess Sofia, a little girl princess in the 2012 TV film Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.

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Princess Aurora, the lead character in the animated feature film Sleeping Beauty...


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And lastly, Princess Anna of the film Frozen.

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Little boys can be a ninja turtle for a night...

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...or a ninja doll just like Scarlett.

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Kramer siblings Kendra and Gavin as the characters from the famous Toy Story.

Kendra was dressed up as Jessie...

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 Gavin was Buzz Lightyear, a toy space ranger hero.

Looking at Team Kramer's photos, dressing up is much more fun when done with siblings, cousins, and playmates.

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Happy Halloween, PEPsters!





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