KC Concepcion has made mom Sharon Cuneta and sister Frankie Pangilinan happy on Christmas day

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KC Concepcion hand-carried her gifts to mom Sharon Cuneta and sister Frankie Pangilinan "all the way from Florence, Italy."

KC Concepcion's Christmas gifts for mom Sharon Cuneta and sister Frankie Pangilinan were "hand-carried all the way from Florence, Italy," according to the Megastar.

For her mom, KC picked a Gucci bag, too—to be exact, a limited edition bumblebee Gucci bag.

She described, "Can't get this even in America yippee! Ay, sorry na-excite!"

A bee and two flowers were embroidered on it.

According to the brand's website, bags with appliques cost as high as $4,100 or PHP 204,813.

Sharon was very pleased with her eldest daughter's choice.

Here's her reaction upon seeing KC's gift.

It was priceless.

On Instagram, the Megastar took a photo of KC while she was presenting her gift, and posted what KC told her, "KC: Mama! I wanted to get you something really special this year."

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Being the sentimental mom that she is, the actress/singer posted KC's hand-written message, capturing this line, "I thought of you [Sharon] the moment I saw it! Hehehe!"

She also showed her daughter's sweet note.

It read, "Mum, you're like our family's own Christmas angel..."

Indeed, KC's messages touched Sharon's heart.

"Of course the gift is beautiful!

"But the card and the thought and the love that come with it are most precious to me.

"Thank you, my Tina my #1!"

(KC's name is Maria Kristina Cassandra.)

Meanwhile, Frankie received "her first Balenciaga bag" from her ate.

It can be recalled that KC's gift to herself: a Gucci Dionysus embroidered leather top handle bag.

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