Heart Evangelista paints a gift for Hermes executive Michael Coste

IMAGE @abtkuniawan / @iamlovemarie_e on Instagram

Heart Evangelista sends Hermes executive Michael Coste a small painting she titled Filipina.

It was a "dream come true" for Heart Evangelista when her favorite brand Hermes welcomed her to its secret garden on a rooftop in Paris, France.

The multi-talented actress had the chance to meet Michael Coste, the company's external relations head.

An email sent to the actress prior to her trip mentioned "designs...where the products will be made."

Three months after their first meeting, Heart posted a photo of the Hermes executive standing beside one of her paintings, which she had titled "Filipina."

On Instagram, she wrote, “What an honor to make this piece especially for you, my dear friend.

“Finally have a part of me living in Paris!”

Coste posted the same photo on his Instagram account and captioned, “This painting by #HeartEvangelista brings me happiness & joy.

“Like every good artist, @iamhearte paints what she is... A beautiful and delicate soul.

“I love her.”


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